Publishing costs

The journal Humanitarian Vector is non-profit. The fee paid by authors is only used to cover publishing, editorial, and postal costs. The publication fee is paid after the article has been peer reviewed and accepted.

The amount charged for processing one article can be found in the list of paid services which is provided by the joint editorial board of the academic journals of Transbaikal State University and approved by the founder of the journal.


The list of article processing services provided by the Humanitarian Vector

1 Consumables (paper, ink, cover, staples, glue) 311.01
2 DOI 120.00
3 Translation editing 300.00
4 Reviewing 650.00
5 Printing services (editing, making-up) 3,063.11


6 Charge on payroll 1,211.96
7 Overhead expenses 1,244.35
8 Value-added tax 799.94
Total 7,700

Cost of one publisher’s signature is 7,700 roubles, i.e. 335 roubles for one Word page made according to editorial board requirements.

Postgraduates’ papers  and foreign authors are published at no charge.

If the author pays for publishing a paper, he/she should send a fee-based service contract.

The payments can be made either by an individual (via bank transfer) or by a legal entity according to the service agreement (made upon request).