Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 14, No. 2, №2 2019

    Social philosophy

Барашков В. В.
To the Problem of the Relationship between Secular and Sacral in the Modern Visual Art of the West
Зимина Н. С.
Socio-philosophical Analysis of Ethnocultural Diversity
Миронова Н. В.
Culture and Civilization under Globalization
Обухов А. А.
Языкова Н. А.
Context Approach to Explaining the Differentiated Perception of the State in Various Societies

Ковригина Г. Д.
Features of Prosocial Behavior
Сычев А. А.
Oughtness and Normativity in a Philosophy of the Act by M. Bakhtin
Фатенков А. Н.
M. Gorky’s Anthropology from the Capitalist Today\'s Perspective
Халдеева М. А.
The Formation of Commodity Traits of a Person in the Context of Globalization
Решетников В. А.
Решетникова Е. В.
Humanism as a Philosophical and Practical Universal of Human History

Золотарева Т. А.
Idea Technique in Antiquity
Сидоров В. А.
Dialectics of the Traditions and the Innovations in the Modern Theory of Journalism
Яковлева Е. Л.
Deconstruction of the Mythical, Revealing the Transgression of being a Modern Person
Гаврилова Ю. В.
Features of Religious Syncretism Historical Forms
Гомбоева Л. В.
Two Tasks of a Holistic Philosophy for the Development of Society

Бочарников В. Н.
Culture vs. Nature is More than Equal
Герасименко Т. И.
Попова О. В.
Intercultural Interaction as a Factor of Transformation of Local Ethnocultural Groups (on the Example of the Old Believers of the Orenburg Region)
Мартынов В. Л.
Сазонова И. Е.
Socio-Philosophical Approaches and their Use in the “Criminal Geography”
Новиков А. Н.
Родоманская С. А.
Philosophical and Geographical Analysis of the Concept of “Food Security” in the Context of the Relations of Nature, Population and Economy

Привалова М. В.
Self-Apocalypse, or Transition to Over-, Post-, Trans-, Zombies (Reflections on the Reading of the Monograph “The Owl of Minerva Flies at Dusk” by V. A. Kutyrev)
Philosophy is Diverse and Multitask (interview with N. D. Subbotina)
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Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 14, No. 2, 2019