Humanitarian Vector, Vol. 14, №3 2019

    Regional History

Дроботушенко Е. В.
Dynamics of Rites of the Registered Organization of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Chita Region in the Late 1960s – Mid-1980s
Шаламов В. А.
Дамешек Л. М.
Medical Assistance in the Transbaikal Cossack Army in the Second Half of the 19th – Early 20th Centuries
Красовская А. А.
City Management in Persons. Social Portrait of Employees of Urban Management in Verkhneudinsk in 1922
Кушнарева М. Д.
Development of Fur Production of the Joint Stock Company \"N. P. Rylov and F. P. Lesnikov\" in the Second Half of the XIX – Early XX Centuries

Мамкина И. Н.
Democratization of the Russian System of Education (March – October, 1917)
Занданова Л. В.
Афанасова Е. Н.
Development of Preschool Education in the National Regions in Eastern Siberia in the 1920s
Горячева Е. А.
The Changing Role of Television as the Instrument of Japan’s Foreign Policy at the Beginning of the 21st Century

Очиров Ц. С.
National Minorities of the Hulunbuir Region during the “Cultural Revolution” in the PRC: Foreign Historiography of the Problem
Цыбенов Б. Д.
Ли Пин
Culture of the Qiqihar Daur people in the 20th century
Васильев В. Е.
Images of the Universe, Deities and Shamans on the Petroglyphs of the Middle Lena

Ванчикова Ц. П.
Жабон Ю. Ж.
Description and Classification of D. Endonov’s (1870–1937?) Written Heritage
Дырхеева Г. А.
Наранчимэг Гомбодоржийн
Language Policy in Mongolia: Problem of Revival of the Old Mongolian Script (the Mongolian Script)
Махачкеева Г. В.
The Stove in the Material Culture of the Alar Buryats
Саввинов П. О.
Антонов Е. П.
The Problem of Research of Yakut Emigration in Historiography

Чистанов М. Н.
To the Issue of Visualization of a Historical Narrative
Маджаров А. С.
Ideas of Centralism and Federalism in Historiography of Russian History of the Second Half of the XIX Century (Applied Methodology of Historical Research in the Works by S. M. Solovyov and A. P. Shchapov)

Мерцалов В. И.
From Deep Oblivion to Rebirth: Nerchinsk Church of Dormition of the Blessed Virgin in the Monograph Research by E. S. Bushueva

Яремчук О. А.
Scientist and Teacher: to the 70th Anniversary of Vladimir Ivanovich Kosykh
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Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 14, No. 3 2019