Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 13, No. 2 , 2018, №2 2018


Новиков А. Н.
Philosophy of “Big Data”: a Review of the Monograph “Socio-economic Regionalization in the Era of Big Data” by V. I. Blanutsa
Хен Ю. В.
Biology and Worldview: R. S. Karpinskaya’s Contribution to the Development of Scientific and Philosophical Methodology
    Social philosophy

Сидоров В. А.
The Purpose of Journalism in Russia: Political Dominants and Embodiment
Шаев Ю. М.
Information Redundancy and Digital Detox in the Context of Communication Ontology
Яковлев Н. Н.
The Place of Youth in Social Conflicts
Лига М. Б.
Щеткина И. А.
Захарова Е. Ю.
Assessment of Quality of Life of the Population as the Condition of Ensuring Social Safety (of Materials of Social Research)
Сухарев Д. В.
Philosophical Analysis of the Social Aspect of Western European Studies of Regional Clusters of China (According to the Works by John Sigurdson)
Фирсов М. В.
Юдина Т. Н.
Черникова А. А.
In Search of Lost Encapsulation: Philosophy of Topography’s Outgoing Time
Цырендоржиева Д. Ш.
Корягин В. В.
Information Reality as a Factor in the Development of Russian Society

Дорогавцева И. С.
Marginalization of Tradition in Contemporary Russia: The Self and the Other Represented in Web Communities of Criminal Subcultures
Ковригина Г. Д.
Socio-Cultural Context of Contemporary Philosophy of Patriotism
Щеткина И. А.
Cultural Centrism in the Study of Quality of Life
Эльшеннави М. В.
The Communication Strategy of Chinese Traditional Culture in TASS.RU under Xi’s New Policy

Зимбули А. Е.
Goodbye: Moral Aspects
Изуткин Д. А.
Human Body as an Object of the Biological and Medical Technologies: Philosophical and Ethical Aspects
Четверикова Н. А.
Challenges of Transformative Anthropology

Даренский В. Ю.
Ontological and Anthropological Aspects of the “Hermeneutic Circle”
Дзикевич Д. С.
Process Philosophy and Constructive Postmodernism in Contemporary China: Aspects of Theoretical Connection
Корягина Т. О.
Dialogue as Philosophy Conception in “Tao Te Ching”
Мавляутдинов И. С.
Керенцев А. Н.
Revitalization of Religion in the Context of Rational and Philosophical Thinking in the Era of Postmodernism
Фатенков А. Н.
Existential Ontognosiology: Resistance to Methodological Mediation

Бочарников В. Н.
The Concept of the Populated Universe and the Visualization of Knowledge in the Discourse of Geography
Гладкий Ю. Н.
Байкова Е. В.
Humanitarian-Geographical Aspects of Alcoholism in Russia: External Causes of Death and the Culture of Alcohol Consumption
Герасименко Т. И.
Ethnocontact Zones in the Ethnic-Cultural Space of Russia

Аносов С. С.
Philosophy of Volunteerism or New Forms of Social Service