Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 13, No. 3, 2018, №3 2018

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Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 13. No. 3. 2018
    Social philosophy

Ананьина Д. А.
Interethnic Conflict in the Territory of Xinjiang-Uygur Autonomous Region of China

Гладышева С. Г.
The Concept of Man in Neoplatonic Renaissance Philosophy and its Interpretation in Art
Золотарева Т. А.
Existential Concepts of Individual Guidelines in Modern Socium
Хасиева М. А.
The Concept of Postmodernism in K. Kurokawa’s Philosophy of Metabolism
Швец И. В.
Synergetic Anthropology: Social-Praxeological Aspect
Эрдэнэев Э. Т.
Concept of Transhumanity of Nick Bostrom

Лисеев И. К.
On the Epistemological Role of the Cognitive Construct “Global Ecology”
Мавляутдинов И. С.
Rational Ahumanism: the Experience of the Correlation of Reason and Faith
Нестеров А. Ю.
\"Execution\" in the Semiotics of Technology
Сергеев Д. В.
Problem of Semantic Reconstruction of “Lekton” Category in the Early Stoics’ Philosophy
Симонов Ю. П.
Conceptualizing the Anthropological Dimension of the Languages of Knowing in Modern Culture
Субботина Н. Д.
Difficulties of Realization of the Principles of Practical Humanity (to the 50th Anniversary of the Publication of the Article by Garret Hardin “The Tragedy of The Commons”)

Аневский А. С.
Semantic Dominants of Artistic Heritage Exploration within the Framework of Modern Russian Culture (the Case of Fine Art of the 1920s–1930s)
Гацунаев К. Н.
Sociocultural Prerequisites of Emergence of the Soviet Architectural Avant-Garde Phenomenon
Спандерашвили Н. И.
Sociocultural Grounds of a New Configuration of Supplementary Vocational Education in the Sphere of Culture and Art
Кучеренко А. Л.
Dance as a Corporality Phenomenon on the Example of Flamenco Spanish Dance
Плеханова В. А.
The Research of Gender and Age Differences in the Culture of Everyday Life of Russians’ Homes (on the Example of Vladivostok)
Фомина М. Н.
Воронченко Т. В.
Иванова Ю. В.
Reflection of the Language of Culture in the Context of Cultural Dialogue
Щеткина И. А.
Structure of Quality of Life Culture

Бернюкевич Т. В.
Review of A. Yu. Nesterov’s Monograph “Semiotic Bases of Technique and Technical Consciousness”