Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 13. No. 5. 2018, №5 2018

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Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 13. No.5. 2018
    Linguistic worldview

Биктимирова Ю. В.
Тhe Existential Space in the Language Picture of the World of Transbaikalia Pioneers in the Language of the Written Monuments of the Nerchinsk Voivodeship in the XVII–XVIII Centuries
Булдыгерова А. Н.
The Origin Stages and the Formation of Chinese Pair-Inscriptions as the Language Phenomenon: Stages of Formation and Development
Дохова З. Р.
Урусов Р. Х.
The Language Model of “Glokoy kuzdra” by L. V. Shcherba (on the Material of the Linguistic Fairy Tale Puski byatye by L. S. Petrushevskaya)
Зверев А. Г.
Modality of Texts of Laws in Languages of the Standard Average, European

Доржиева Д. Ц.
Features of Information Potential in a Newspaper Article
Лю Янь
Mass Media’s Language Strategies to Assert Influence on the Audience (on the Example of Media Coverage of Peasant Protests in Modern China) 媒体影响受众认知的话语策略(以中国农民抗争为例)
Рева Е. К.
Михайлова Т. Д.
Food Criticism Representation on Gastronomic Magazine Pages (on the Example of the Gastronom Magazine)

Егорова Л. Г.
The Republic of Crimea Printed Media Market Transformation in the Present Time
Ильченко С. Н.
Fake as an Anti-Source of Information: a Risk for Professional Standards of Journalism
Лян Чжан
China’s Environmental Policy in The New York Times Media Texts
Шосток-Новацка П.
Reading Local Press and Civic Engagement in Poland

Дугаров Б. С.
Aspects of the Khormusta Image in Mongolian Mythology
Жамсаранова Р. Г.
Будаева Н. Ч.
The Tibet Anthroponymic System of Zun-Khuatsai as One of the Clans of Khori-Buryat
Чернышева Л. Н.
Lexicographical Fixation of Amharic Terminological Neologisms