Humanitarian Vector, Vol 12, No. 1 2017, №1 2017

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Философские науки, Том 12, 2017, №1

    Social philosophy

Агеева Н. А.
Temperance Imperative in the Context of Secular and Religious Education
Гомбоева Л. В.
Developing Culture: Ethical, Political and Legal Foundations
Миронова Н. В.
Education and Culture, Education and Civilization: Challenges of Time
Папцова А. К.
Аникин Н. В.
The Evolution of Civil and Ethnic Identities of Moldova Ethnic Groups in the Context of Ethnic and Ethno-regional Cultural Projects Formation
Самойлова Е. О.
Virtual Narrative in the Context of Modern Chronotope
The Problems of the Cossacks’ Essence and Identity in History and Ethnography Research Concepts

Pity: Morality and Value Perspectives
Illness as a Form of Alienation of the Individual’s Biological Nature from Social Essence
Полюшкевич О. А.
Philosophy of Gratitude
Смирнова Н. Е.
Ethos of the Patient’s Alienation in the Social Space: Game in the Definitions of “Other” and “Alien”
Хен Ю. В.
Eugenic Strategies for the Future: Qualitative Demographics or Liberal Eugenics?
Четверикова Н. А.
Features of the Sexes Communicative Behavior: Philosophical and Psychological Aspects

Давыдов А. А.
“Subject” and “Substance”: Defining the Concepts
Жилин В. И.
The Dialectical Law of Negation of the Negation: “Sublation” According to Hegel
Прокофьева Д. В.
Humanistic Views of Erich Fromm and Eastern Orthodoxy: Meeting Points
Сычев А. А.
Provocation in the History of Philosophy
Фатенков А. Н.
M. A. Lifshitz’s Thought in the Realistic Turn of Russian Philosophy
Чекер Н. В.
Søren Kierkegaard: Thoughtless Haste as Culture Death

Бочарников В. Н.
Nature, Society, Landscape and Interaction: Constructivist Ideas of National Geography
Герасименко Т. И.
Ethno-cultural Transboundariness: A Geographer’s View
Соколова А. А.
Land Along the Argun River: Territorial Differentiation of Information Space (Based on Russian Dialectal Lexicography and Place Names)

Привалова М. В.
Postmodern ‒ Transmodern ‒ Postvitalizm: Reflections on V. A. Kutyrev’s Monograph “Gone with the Progress: Eschatology of Life in the Technogenic World”