Humanitarian Vector, Vol. 12, №4 2017

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Humanitarian Vector, Vol. 12, No. 4, 2017
    Problems of the history of Russia

Казанцева Н. Г.
Customs-Tariff Regulation Practice of Cross-Border Bargaining (the Case of Transbaikalia Region)
Минаева В. Ю.
The Japanese Military Mission in the Territory of Trans-Baikal During the Civil War (on Materials of SARB and SATBT)
Митрофанов В. В.
Little-known Facts about the Scientific and Pedagogical Activity of Nikolai Nikolaevich Popov
Фартусов Д. Б.
Documents of the State Archive of the Trans-Baikal Territory on Political Repression in the 1930s
    Regional History

Доржеева В. В.
Public Self-Regulating Courts in the Russian North-East Territories in the Early 20th Century
Занданова Л. В.
Карнович С. А.
Activities of the Russian Customs Officers in Primorye and Priamurye during World War I
Мороз A. И.
The Activities of Out-of-School Department of the Ministry of Education in the Far-Eastern Republic (1920–1922)
     General history

Александрова Т. Л.
The Last Years of the Empress Eudocia in Palestine
Грибан И. В.
The Origin of the Second World War in the Polish Historiographical Tradition
Олейников С. В.
The Role of Mass Media in the Process of Statehood of Transdniestria
Праздников А. Г.
The Social Structure of the Participants of the Battle of St. Albans (17 February, 1461)
Семёнов Е. В.
Polish Political Exiles to Chita in the 1860s–1870s
    History of religion

Дроботушенко Е. В.
Closing of Orthodox Churches in Eastern Transbaikalia in the 1930s
Ланцова Ю. Н.
Дроботушенко Е. В.
Problems of Historiography of Orthodoxy in the North and North-East China in the Early 1920s – Mid-1950s
Плеханова А. М.
Корниенко Н. Н.
“70 Years without Pastoral Care…”: the History of the Revival of the Orthodox Parish in Ulan Bator
Юрганова И. И.
Features of Religious Identity of National Outskirts of the Empire: the Case of Yakutia

Константинов А. В.
Archaeological Excavations in the Territory of the Church of Dormition of the Mother of God in Kalinino village, Transbaikalia
Мамкин А. М.
Афанасьев С. А.
Khoktonga Site – a Stratified Object of the Final Bronze Age – the Early Middle Ages in Mountain-Taiga Zone of Eastern Transbaikalia
Маслодудо С. В.
Ust-Menza-2 Multilayer Settlement (New Stage of Research)

Базаров Б. В.
Курас Л. В.
Цыбенов Б. Д.
The Mongolian Delegation on the Kalinin Front (According to the Materials of the Collection “On the Front”)
Ванчикова Ц. П.
Миягашева С. Б.
Chronicle by O. Amarjargal “On the Origin and Historical Development of the Barga-Buryats” as a Source of Interpretation of Ethnic History and Traditional Culture of the Barga-Buryats
Рассадин И. В.
Comparative Analysis of the Soyots and Buryats Livestock Breeding

Шагиахметов М. Р.
System View of the Process of Historical Development
Ильченко С. Н.
Paradoxes of Interpretation of History in the Space of On–Screen Communication (on the Material of the Films and Serials about the Great Patriotic War)

Курас Л. В.
Ванчикова Ц. П.
The Tragic Events that “Have Shaken the World”. Review A. V. Konstantinov, N. N. Konstantinova “History of Transbaikal Region (1917–1922)”
Мерцалов В. И.
Economic Development of Western Transbaikalia in View of the Historical Concept of Modernization (Monograph “Economy in the Regional ‘Interior’ Western Transbaikalia in the Modernization Process 1880s-1930s”)

The Sovnarkhoz Reform of 1957–1965 and History of Transbaikalia in Research of V. I. Mertsalov, Doctor of History (to the 70th Birthday Anniversary)
Researcher of the History of State ‒ Confessional Relations in Russia (the Anniversary of Doctor of History S. V. Vasilyeva)