Series History, Political Sciences. Part 11, №4 2016

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Series History, Political Sciences. Part 11, №4, 2016
    Social history

Горбатов Л. В.
The Khakass’ Diseases and Treatment in the End of the XIXth – the Beginning of the XXth Century
Даренский В. Ю.
The Ideology of “Traditionalistic Revolution”: Between Political Utopia and Social Prognostics
Мамкина И. Н.
Organizational and Legal Foundations of Public Service in the National Education System at The End of the XIXth Beginning of the XXth Centuries (the case of Eastern Siberia)
Печерский В. А.
Activity of Procuracy Bodies of the Krasnoyarsk Region During the Great Patriotic War
Казанцева Н. Г.
Organizational and Staff Structure of Customs at the End of the XIXth ‒ the Beginning of the XXth Centuries
    Regional History

Дамешек Л. М.
Мамкина И. Н.
State Policy in the Field of Public Education Governance in Eastern Siberia in the XIXth – Early XXth Centuries
Ефимова В. В.
General-Governor S. I. Minitsky and Old Believers of Olonets Governorate (1825–1830)
Иванов А. А.
To Determination of the Number and Structure of the Political Exiled of Irkutsk Governorate in the 1860s
Кушнарева М. Д.
Contribution of Representatives of Large Firms to the Economic Development and Social Life of Urban Population of North-Eastern Siberia in the Early XXth Century
Маруев В. А.
The Road Issue in the History of Gold Mining in Transbaikalia in the Early XXth Century
Скрипучий Д. В.
The Narrow-Gauge Railways of Chita Oblast: Lacuna of History
    History of religion

Дроботушенко Е. В.
Orthodoxy in China in the Second Half of the 1940s According to the Documents of the State Archive of the Russian Federation
Занданова Л. В.
Паламарчук А. В.
The Struggle Against Lamaism in Eastern Siberia in the 1930s: Documents Testify
Кискидосова Т. А.
National-Religious Composition in the City of Chita in the Second Half of the XIXth – Early XXth Century

Мамкин А. М.
New Data on Massive Paleometal Era Stone Sacral Objects of the Early Iron Age in East Baikal Asia and East Transbaikal Regions
Мороз П. В.
The Stages of Studying the Stone Age of the Trans-Baikal Region: the Past and the Present

Ильченко С. Н.
Screen Chronicle as an Element of Fake Journalism
Popular History in Modern Russia: Myths, Images and Ideas of the Past in Sport Historical Film
Coverage of Sino-Mongolian Relationships During the Realization of the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011–2015) on the Pages of Renmin Ribao
The Role of the Mass Media in the Development of the Malian Democracy
Rethinking the Сommunication Theory: the Case of Modern Terroristic Threat

Ванчикова Ц. П.
Ринчинова О. С.
The Project of the Buryat Scientific Committee on Reforming of the Tibetan Medicine in BMASSR in the 1920s
Курас Л. В.
Russian Military-Political Emigration in Manchukuo (on the Materials of the Soviet Intelligence)
The Urton Postal Service of the Mongols, or “Mongolian Law in Three Days”
Ушницкий В. В.
Analysis of the Legends of Tygyn Darkhan: Yakut Mythological “King” of the “Conquest”

A Review of the Collection of Articles “The Revolution of 1917 in Russia: New Approaches and Views”
Мерцалов В. И.
Building and Industrial Management During 1957–1965 Reform in V. L. Dryndin’s Research “Attempts of Reforming Agrarian and Industrial Spheres in the RF (1953–1964) in the Context of Russian History Characteristics”