Series History, Political Sciences # 3 (43), №3 2015

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Series History, Political Sciences # 3 (43), 2015

Вотинцева Н. А.
Tourism Development in Udmurtia over the Period of the 9th Five-Year Plan (1971–1975)
Плотникова М. М.
Fiscal Policy of Siberian Provincial Center (Late XVIII – Early XIX Centuries)
Иванов А. А.
“… On culture border”: I. I. Popov in Kyakhta exile
Кальмина Л. В.
Плеханова А. М.
Gold Mining in Western Transbaikalia in 1880–1920: Regional Specific Features
Маруев В. А.
From the History of Geological Exploration of Gold Deposits in Transbaikalia in the XIX – Early XX Centuries
Казанцева Н. Г.
Transbaikalia Customs and Trade Regulation in the Second Half of the XVII Century
    Social history

Ахмадулина С. З.
Formation of the Russian Legislation on Freedom of Conscience and Religious Organizations in the 1990s: Historical Analysis and Political-Legal Aspect
Золотарева В. Ю.
Rehabilitation of the Disabled of the Great Patriotic War in Russian Historiography
Ледкова Л. П.
Archival Documents on the History of Agricultural Education in Transbaikalia in the Late 19th – Early 20th Centuries
Мамкина И. Н.
Development of Primary Education System in Transbaikal Region in the XIX – early XX Century (on the Basis of Archival Materials and Published Papers)

Быков А. Ю.
Application of Standards of Professional Journalism Ethics in the Practice of American Media
Виноградова С. М.
Панцерев К. А.
World Gender Order: Problems and Prospects of the Foundation
Ильченко С. Н.
Fake as a Political Format in Modern Media Environment
Никонов С. Б.
Factor of a Religious Aspect in Manipulating International Processes
Жамбалова С. Г.
Суворова А. С.
Stages of Transformation of the Funeral Rites of Rural Buryats in the Soviet Period

Полянская О. Н.
Teachers of Synodic Educational Institutions in Russia at the beginnings of Scientific Mongolian Studies: A. A. Bobrovnikov (1822–1865)
Солтанов М. Д.
On Some Historical and Religious-Legendary Personal Names used in Ashug Works

Даренский В. Ю.
Russian Patriotism and “Rusophobia” as Determinants of Political Culture (an Existential Aspect)