Humanitarian Vector. Series Pedagogy, Psychology . 1 (41), №1 2015

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Humanitarian Vector. Series Pedagogy, Psychology . 1 (41)\\2015
    Fundamenta l approaches in educat ion

Даренский В. Ю.
Social Abundance of Higher Education: Resource of Civilization or Destructive Factor?
Клименко Т. К.
Contemporary State National Cultural Policy as a Basis for the Family Strengthening and its Interaction with the Upbringing System in Society
Кутузов А. В.
Educational Process Optimization as a Pedagogical Problem
Рыбакова Г. Р.
Кротова И. В.
Камоза Т. Л.
Modeling of Educational Information Compatibility: Methodological Approaches
Федотова Е. Л.
Productive Interaction as a Basis of Modern Educational Process
    Features of modern childhood

Васильева Н. В.
The Level of Students’ Cultural Competence Development
Буршит И. Е.
Виневская А. В.
The Design of Integrated Educational Space for Development of Children’s Endowments: City School – Rural School
Плохова Ж. В.
The Possibilities of Children’s Realizing of Connections between Natural and Man-Made Worlds
    Faces of Professional Development

Меньшов И. В.
Humanization of the Educational Environment as an Essential Condition of Students’ Social Adaptation
Наумова О. С.
Future Teachers’ Preparation in Realization of Culture-Moral Wealth
Путинцева Л. В.
Features of Net Cooperation Technology for Teacher’s Professional Development
Свириденко Е. И.
To the Question of Values and Life Orientation of Teacher within Boarding School
Таюрская Н. П.
Foreign Language Communicative Competence: Foreign and Russian Experience
    Current Issues of General Psychology

Дзятковская Е. Н.
Psychological Barriers of Education for Sustainable Development and Ways of their Overcoming
Мысникова Э. А.
Psychological Adaptation of the Young People in the Ecologically Troubled Areas
Суханов А. А.
Concept of Adaptation: Two Debating Points
    Personality Psychology: Different Perspectives of Analysis

Красненкова С. А.
Study of the Personal Traits of Causers of Road Traffic Incidents with Grave Consequences
Неяскина Ю. Ю.
The Specific of Personal Resources Relations and Life Quality Subjective Assessment among Army Conscripts
    Social Psychology: Formulation of Problems and Approaches to their Solution

Терехова Т. А.
Малахаева С. К.
Narrative Analysis as an Understanding Method
Клюев Ю. В.
Psychology of Understanding in Audiovisual Media
Леоненко Н. О.
Новаковски А.
Ethno-Psychological Features of Hardiness of the Russian and Polish Students
    Professional Identity of Personality: a New Look

Грезе Е. В.
Healthy Way of Life as Value of Students-Psychologists at the Different Stages of Education Process
Коханова Л. А.
Theoretical Bases and Principles of Motivational Training (on the Experience of the Journalists Training in the Branch of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov in Sevastopol)
Леснянская Ж. А.
The Time Perspective of High School Pupils at Rural Schools and its Relationship with the Professional Self-Determination and Development
Плотникова М. Ю.
Jungian Sand Therapy as a Technology of Formation of Psychology Students’ Professional Consciousness in the Process of Studying at the University