Philology. Oriental studies. №4(32), №4 2012

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Philology. Oriental studies. №4(32), 2013

Ахметова Г. Д.
Language Life (Figl’-Migl’. The Novel «Shchaste»)
Аюпов С. М.
Аюпова С. Б.
The Role of Homogeneous Parts of a Sentence in Forming the Category of Space in the Linguistic Artistic Picture of the World (Based on I. S. Turgenev\'s Prose)
Бердникова Т. В.
From Rhetoric to Poetry: to a Problem of Progress of Dialogue in Poetry of the Epoch of Classicism (on the Material of Lyrics of A. Kantemir, М. В . Lomonosov, A. P. Sumarokov)
Голованов И. А.
The Author’s Usage of Folklore in A. Platonov’s Drama (on the Material of the Play «Fools on the Periphery»)
Голованова Е. И.
Paronymy in Scientific Text as Ratio of Language Form and Content
Ерофеева И. В.
The Language of Modern Mass Media: World Modeling Problem
Лю Гопин
Collocations as Means of Artistic Image Creation (On the Material of A. Rekemchuk’s Prose)
Мехтиев В. Г.
About Dostoevsky’s Portrait Meaning
Мисонжников Б. Я.
The Methodological Principles of Hermeneutics as a Means of Identifying a Text
Никифорова Э. Ш.
Key Characteristics of Argumentative and Suggestive Texts of Trial Rhetoric
Плешкова Т. Н.
The Interference and Literary Language
Пляскина Е. И.
Dialect Vocabulary of the Talks of Borzya District Villages in Trans-Baikal Region
Рабданова Л. Р.
А Composition Role of Graphical Tools in a Literary Text
Рабенко Т. Г.
Apology: Speech Genre Tactics and their Means of Language Implementation
Троитски-Шэфер М.
Living Language Processes in the Novel by Sergey Bolmat “Sami po Sebe” (on the Contrast with the German Language)
Чжоу Чжунчэн
Means of Graphic Marking in Modern Prose
Васильева Г. М.
«Talking with Heart»: I. W. Goethe’s Image in I. A. Bunins’s Prose

Власян Г. Р.
Turn-taking as a Fundamental Factor of Dynamic Structure of Conversational Discourse
Голимбиовская Е. С.
About Conservation Capacity of Anaphony in Translation of French Poetry into Russian
Красильникова А. М.
Latin American Literature in Russian Book Publishing
    Linguistic worldview

Антропова Н. А.
Semantic Analysis and Description as Efficient Means to Study the Vocabulary (using Russian and German Verbs of Conversation)
Бернюкевич Т. В.
Concept “Nirvana” in the Context of Reception of Buddhistic Ideas in Russian Philosophical Culture in the Late 19th – Early 20th Centuries
Воронцова Т. И.
Широносова В. С.
Specific Characteristics of Bush Ballad Linguistic Picture of the World
Дмитриенко О. А.
Images of Entomologists in the Context of Metatheme: Life-Death-after Death (Based on the Novel «The Gift» by V. Nabokov. 1934)
Майоров А. П.
Evolutionary Semiotic Ranges of Cultural Phenomena and their Reflection in Transbaikal Regiolect of the 18th Century
Костюшкина Г. М.
Коногорова А. В.
Conceptual Systematics of Phraseological Units with the Component ‘Woman’ in Languages of Different Systems
Командакова М. С.
Emotional Attributes of Concept Imagination in the English Language Picture of the World
Пименова М. В.
Conceptual Law Metaphors of Conscience in the Russian and English Languages
Теркулов В. И.
Phraseological Unit and Nominatheme
Шарифуллин Б. Я.
The Semantics of Shout in Russian Rock Poetry Texts
Шедлих Е. А.
Interpersonal Characters of Concept WAHRHEIT (Truth) in the German Language Picture of the World

Акамов А. Т.
The Peculiarities of Mavlid Genre in Kumyk Literature
Александрова Э. С.
On the Thematic Peculiarities of Erdeni-Khaibzun Galshiev’s Manuscript “Beligei Toli” (the Mirror of Wisdom)
Дугаржапова Т. М.
To the Problem of Poetics of the Mongolian Speaking people Poetry
Дугарова С. Ж.
The Historiographic Review of Sources of Genghis Khan’s «Great Yasa»
Рассадин И. В.
On the Singularities of Reindeer Breeding of Oka Soyots
Тагарова Т. Б.
The Forms of Expressiveness of Phraseological Units in the Buryat Artistic Language
Хасавнех А. А.
Religious Motives in the Works of the 19th Century’s Tatar Sufi-Poet Abulmanikh Kargaly
Цыренов Б. Д.
Onomastic Vocabulary in the National Russian Dictionaries of the Mongolian Languages

Ахметова М. Н.
Литавор В. С.
Version Idea of Integrative “Combination” of Different Technological Educational Systems
Балыхин М. Г.
Society Requirements to the Competitive Expert and its Professional Alternatives
Балыхина Т. М.
Will Tests Help to Solve the Problem of Optimization and Quality of Training the Russian Language? RETRACTED
Васильева Г. М.
The Educational Lexico-Syntactical Dictionary for Foreign Students: the Problems of Organizing Vocabulary Material
Иванова Т. М.
The System of Principles and Methods of Training Lexical Grammatical Phenomena of Russian as a Foreign Language at the Main Stage of Teaching (on the example of word-formation)
Кузнецова Н. С.
Conceptospheres «Game», «Art», «Creation» in Foreign Students Teaching
Лизонь М.
Contemporary Russian Fine Art in Learning Russian as a Foreign Language in Slovakia
Мордовин А. Ю.
Linguistic Research – an Essential Part of Applying National Text Corpora in Teaching Foreign Languages
Терзиева М. Т.
Horror Stories and Native Language Teaching at Pre-School Age

Ахметова Г. Д.
IV International Scientific Conference «Text Interpretation: Linguistic, Literary Studies and Methodical aspects» (Chita, ZabSPU, December 9–10, 2011)
Пименова М. В.
Теркулов В. И.
Summer Scientific School on the Sea of Azov (July, 2011)

Соколянский А. А.
To Sergey Ignat’yevich Bernstein’s Jubilee