Pedagogy and Psychology # 1 (29), №1 2012

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Pedagogy and Psychology # 1 (29), 2012

Бордонская Л. А.
Игумнова Е. А.
Training Future Teachers of Natural Disciplines to Employ Educational Questions Technology
Виноградова Н. И.
Касьянова Е. И.
Evaluation of Teachers’ Qualification as a Way to Determine the Quality of Professional Development
Дугарова Д. Ц.
Горлачёв В. П.
Comparative Analysis of Higher Education Quality Assurance in Russia and International Practice
Десненко С. И.
Young Teachers’ Personality Development as a Factor of Their Professional Formation
Дугарова Д. Ц.
Organizational Development of Professional Education Quality Assurance in High School
Бордонская Л. А.
Старостина С. Е.
Technological Aspects in Science Education of the Humanities Students in the Period of Transition to FSES HPE
Самсонов В. С.
Issues of Applying Computer Technologies in the University Educational Process
Ольховская Е. Ю.
General Characteristic of the Role of Natural and Social-cultural Factors Influence on a Gifted Child’s Development
Рогова А. В.
Individuality as a Research Subject in the Russian Philosophical and Pedagogical Thought of the Second Half of the 19th – Beginning of the 20th Century
Сараева Н. М.
Сеткова Н. А.
Teachers’ Self-realization in Complicated Living Environment
Эрдынеева К. Г.
University Educational Environment as a Subject of Humanitarian Expertise
Рогова А. В.
Сорокина Н. В.
Case-Study in the Research of Students’ Intercultural Experience
Санжиева Я. Б.
Широкова И. Э.
Online Pedagogical Interaction in the System of Teachers’ Qualification Improvement in the Irkutsk Region
Черепанова Л. В.
Higher Professional and General Secondary Education Curricula Junction at the Master’s Level for Potential Russian Language Teachers
Швецов М. Ю.
Дугаров А. Л.
State and Public Management of Professional Education Content and Outcomes
Игумнова Е. А.
Горлачёв В. П.
Tendencies in the Development of Environmental Education in the World Educational Space (Mid-1990s – the First Decade of the 21st Century)
Клименко Т. К.
Зволейко Е. В.
Assessment of Educational Achievements of Special Education Bachelors, profile “Psychological Support of Education of Persons with Problems in Development”
Клименко Т. К.
Innovative Education as a Factor in the Formation of a Future Teacher
Маланов И. А.
Educational Space of Buryatia in the Context of Civilization Development (18th - early 20th centuries)
Орехова Н. В.
Regularities and Principles of Spontaneity Development in the Educational Process
Грешилова И. А.
The Phenomenon of Spirituality from the Perspective of Philosophical Anthropology
Гомбоева М. И.
Managing Research Effectiveness in a Regional University: Faculty’s Publication and Grant Activities

Хисамбеев Ш. Р.
Gnoseological and Ontological Approaches to Psychological Research: Historical and Theoretical Analysis
Дзятковская Е. Н.
System Design of Environmental Education Curriculum Through Didactic and Psychological Orientations
Терехова Т. А.
Евдокимова А. С.
The System of Determination of the Individual’s Economic Socialization
Ежевская Т. И.
Psychological Health as an Important Resource of Informational and Psychological Security of a Person
Макарова И. Н.
CIndividual and Stylistic Determinants of Psychic Representations of Large-scale International Events
Калашникова С. А.
Analysis of the Personality Resources Structure in the Period of Youth: Age-psychological Aspects
Ворона О. А.
Короченко Т. Ю.
The Role of Personal Characteristics in the Professional Activities of the Operational Personnel of the Energy Sector
Симатова О. Б.
Гранина К. В.
Anxiety as a Risk Factor and Protection from Adolescents’ Computer Game Addiction
Дагбаева С. Б.
Ethnic Socialization of Young People in the Changing World
Суханов А. А.
Strategies of Psychological Adaptation of the Person Living in Ecologically Unfriendly Environment: Theoretical Aspects of the Problem