History and Political Science # 3(27), №3 2011

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History and Political Science # 3(27), 2011

Верещагин С. Б.
Аncient Settlement Ust-Menza-1: New Stage of Research
Номоконов А. А.
The History of Monuments Study in the 12th – 15th Centuries of Forest-steppe Zone of Eastern Transbaikalia in the 20th Century
Беспалько Д. Н.
Transbaikalian Metallurgical Industry Development in the Works of 18th Century Academic Expeditions
Мишакова О. Э.
«Diplomatic» Role of Kyakhta in the Development of Economic Relations of Russia and China in 18th Century
Паликова Т. В.
Сhita – Center of Zabaikalian Region in the Last Quarter of the 19th Century (based on the Forgotten Document)
Гарбуз И. В.
Land Relations in Transbaikalian Region in the Second Half of the 19th century
Вивдыч М. А.
Railway Construction in the Far East in the Late 19th and in the Early Part of the 20th Centuries
Иванчина О. А.
The Dynamics of Social and Juridical Status of Chuvash Women in Peasant\'s Society in the End of 19th – Beginning of 20th Centuries
Полянская О. Н.
Mongolian Studies in Universities of Russia in the 19th and at the Beginning of 20th Centuries. Oriental Institute in Vladivostok
Белевцова В. О.
Russian Loans in Mari Wedding Ceremonialism
Курас Т. Л.
The Personnel Policy of Autocracy in Judicial Chambers of the Russian Empire
Иванов А. А.
The Transbaikalian Exile on Irkutsk Website www.penpolit.ru
Хантуева Е. А.
Polish Women’s Movement at the Beginning of 20th Century
Васильева С. В.
Confessional Corporatism and Collegiality of Оld-believers in Baikal Region
Дроботушенко Е. В.
Orthodoxy in Theologian and Church Historian Archpriest G. Shavelsky\'s Obscure Writings
Antireligious Propaganda in Eastern Transbaikalia in the First Half of 1920s
Еланцева О. П.
Section Engineer – Konstantin Nikolaevich Kashkin
Ethnic School in Buryatia in 1920–1930-s: Problems of Formation
Пряженникова М. В.
Start and Development of Broadcasting on the Territory of Eastern Zabaikalye (1920s − 1930s)
Komsomol in Buryatia: from Reorganizational Attempts to Collapse
Балдандоржиев Ж. Б.
Small Towns: Typology and Classification in the Context of Cultural Heritage (on the Example of the Towns of Eastern Transbaikalia)
Animal Husbandry among the Modern Altaians

Political Communication Models of Regional Development
Current Approaches to the Definition of Public Policy
The Foreign Ministry – the Leading Actor in the External Policy of Germany in the Cultural Sphere
Никонов С. Б.
Policy Decisions as a Basic Component of International Journalism
Плеханова А. М.
The Project of Creation of the Lena-Baikal Region: Economic Feasibility, Interests of a National Autonomy or Geopolitic Priority
On-line Auction as an Effective Method of Counteraction to Corruption in the System of State and Municipal Orders’ Placement
The Technology of Making a Negative Image of a Politician in Russian Mass Media (case study: Michael Saakashvili, President of Georgia)
Russia and China in North-Eastern Asia: to Safety Strengthening through Cooperation
Комлева Н. А.
The Ideological Power of a Geopolitical Actor: Essence, Structure and Practices in Russia

Associative Information in the Texts of Press
Derivational and Cognitive-pragmatic Potential of Lexical New Formations in Colloquial Speech