Philosophy and Cultural Studies # 2 (26), №2 2011

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Philosophy and Cultural Studies # 2 (26), 2011

Баринов В. А.
Communication as the Basis of Circus Dialogue
Готнога А. В.
Society as a Historical Process and Unhistoricism of Social Sciences
Гулин А. С.
L. I. Mechnikov – the researcher of Japan
Засухина В. Н.
Russian Religious Philosophy as Theoretical Background of Bioethics Knowledge Complex in Russia
Захарова Е. Ю.
Spiritual and Moral Foundations of Ecologization in Human Aactivities
Истомина О. Б.
National Culture: Preservation under Conditions of Globalization
Калмыкова О. А.
Social Conflicts between the Rich and the Poor
Лапшина И. В. Усенко О. А.
Socio-Philosophical Analysis and Mathematical Logic in the Social Compulsion and Social Violence Differences
Митина Н. Г.
Myth. Ideal. Utopia. Time Problem
Резник Ю. М.
Man’s Subjective Reality: Alternative Character of a Person’s Being
Сорочик Л. И.
Personality Concept in I. A. Ilyin’s Works
Субботина Н. Д.
Natural and Social Constituents of Empathy and Altruism
Фёдорова И. В.
The Sacral and its Conceptual-terminological Definition
Яковлев В. В.
Specificity of D. Hume’s Views on Miracles

Social and Political Meaning of Bruno Taut’s Colour Projects
Дорогавцева И. С.
The Self and the Other Image in Contemporary Russian Culture: Tendencies of Xenophobia and Isolationism
Жамбалова С. Г.
About Popular Buddhism in Present-Day Buryatia
Камедина Л. В.
Cultural Background to Study of the Phenomenon of Spirituality in a Literary Text
Ляшенко Е. С.
The Semiotic Aspect of Internet Culture
Development Problems of Post-Industrial Society in Russia: Culturological Aspect
Time Functioning in Traditional Everyday Life (Illustrated by Qualitative Characteristics of Age Nominations in Yakut Culture)
Сергеев Д. В.
Archaization Processes in Totalitarian Soviet Culture
Трубицын Д. В.
Transborder Area as an Object of Cultural Studies: Methodological Review
The Development of the Student’s Cultural Outlook in a Socio-cultural Context of a Pedagogical College
The Structural Model of Choreographic Education as a Starting Point in Culturological Research of Its Historical Dynamics
The Evolution of the Notion “Li “(Confucian) in Chinese Literature

Personality-Individual Model to Train Teachers for Rural Schools Aimed at Planning a Pupil’s Individual Educational Programme
Vocal-Choral Singing as a Form of Person’s Spiritual and Moral Education
The Importance to Regard Some Didactic Categories in Elaborating a New Training Programme for “Foreign Language” Subject in Accordance with the Third Generation Standard of Higher Education
Personal Characteristics of a Professional as the Key to Innovative Activity Progress in Tourism Sector
Personality Pedagogy and Liberal Upbringing in Germany and Russia (at the Turn of the 19 and 20 Centuries) in Education and Pedagogy Contemporary Problems Context

About Hierarchical Social-Psychological Regulation of Scientific Activity
Observation Method in Post-Nonclassical Psychology Context
Foreigners’ Safety in Urban Environment (Illustrated by the Foreigners’ Image of Perm City)
Калашникова С. А.
Personality Resources and Man’s Psychological Health: Differentiation of the Notions
Кулганов В. А.
Correcting a Student\'s Psycho Emotional Sate for Providing Safe Educational Environment at High School
Сёмина М. В.
Synergistic Approach to Psychological and Educational Study of Family
Суханов А. А.
Understanding the Problem of Man’s Adaptation as Viewed in our Country’s Psychological Resources: Review
Role Attitudes and Anticipations as a Factor of Youth’s Readiness To Have Family Relations

Игнатович Т. Ю.
Nominative of substantive declination of plural in modern Russian dialects of the North Russian Patois in territory of East Transbaikalia
Разумова Л. В.
Correlation of the notions” regional language” аnd “the language of minorities”
The name of a literary magazine as an element of its poetics: nominative, consolidating, symbolic aspects