Pedagogy and Psychology # 1 (25), №1 2011

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Pedagogy and Psychology # 1 (25), 2011

П. С. Атаманчук, В. В. Мендерецкий, И. В. Засанова
Innovation Schemes of Textbooks Compiling
Улзытуева А. И.
Competence Approach to the Problem of Children Bilingualism Formation
И. И. Барахович
Characterologic Features of Innovatively Intellectual Personality
Игумнова Е. А.
Training Bachelors and Candidates for Master’s Degree in Natural Sciences to Support the Process of Students’ Ecological Culture Education in Regional Educational Space
Гайдай П. В.
Dialogue of Cultures as a Leading Tendency in the Modern Musically-pedagogical Education Russia and China
Гусевская Н. Ю.
The Problem and Experience of English Text-Book Development
Дианов П. В.
Reforming Physical Culture Teaching in Vocationally Oriented College
Зволейко Е. В.
Professional and Special Competencies of Bachelor’s Special Pedagogics (Psychological Guidance in Education of Individuals with Various Disorders)
Михеева Т. Б.
Teacher’s Professional Tolerance (in Polyethnic School as the Example)
Руденко И. В.
Social Educational Technologies in the Education Process of Higher School
Сорокина Н. В.
National Stereotype as an Interdisciplinary Problem
Христофорова С. В.
Dialogue as a Basis of Training of Future Physics Teacher for Realization of Regional Component of Education Content
Самойлова Н. И.
The Role of Theoretical Preparation of Future Physical Training Specialists in the Process of Professional Competence Formation
Никонов Р. В.
Business-planning as a means of promotion of educational service at school
Малгожата Лучик
Text Work based on Communicative Activity Approach as a Way of Intensification of Teaching Professionally Oriented Communication at Non-Linguistic University
Бодриков А. Б.
Characteristic of linguistic educational program for senior preschool children in the system of supplementary education
Крылов В. Н.
Physics as Professionally Oriented Course in Medical Higher School
Гольберт Е. В.
Parents’ Representations about Family Relations
Никитина Т. Г.
The Role of Critical Thinking in the Development of a Future Lawyer’s Professional Competence

Ковтун Н. В.
Formation the pupils’ healthy life-style according to gender approach, the key concept
Виноградова Н. И.
Psychological Bases of Pointing out Aсmeological Regularities in Making of Professionalism of Elementary School Teachers
Ежевская Т. И.
Personal Resources in Information and Psychological Security Providing of a Person
Loans as a Result and Manifestation of Culture Interaction
Симатова О. Б.
The Direction of the Interaction with a School Pedagogical Group in the System of Prophylaxis of Teenagers’ Addictive Behaviour
Терехова Т. А.
Career Orientation Reveals of Psychology Department Students
The Military Men’s Self-Attitude Peculiarities in the Process of Adaptation to Military Service
Correctional Developing Work of Psychologists with Emotional Sphere of Preschool and Primary School-Aged Children
Сеткова Н. А.
Social Intellect as a Determinant of the Level of Personal Self-Actualization in Professional Activity
Structural Functional Features of Juvenile Values and Meanings in Penal Institutions
The Problem of Pedagogical Support of Practitioners Teaching Psychology