Humanitarian Vector, 2019, № 6

    Archeology: the origins of culture

Константинов А. В.
Пономарева И. А.
A New Taiga Rock Art Site of Transbaikalia: on the Crossroads of Time and Space
Мамкин А. М.
Белоусов В. Е.
A Short-story about the Burial Mounds in the Territory of the Eastern Province of Baikal Asia
Мороз П. В.
General Non-utilitarian Wear on the Raw Materials from Titovskaya Sopka: Experimental Data
    History, people, values

Дроботушенко Е. В.
Public Administration in the Exclusion Zone of the Chinese-Eastern Railway in the Early XX Century
Семёнов Е. В.
Benedict Dybovsky in Transbaykalia Region in 1865–1868
    Events and destinies: verges of daily routine

Климова О. Г.
The Daily Routine of the Siberian Merchants of the 19th ‒ Early 20th Centuries in the Memoirs of Contemporaries in the Works of Siberian Historians
Самарина Л. А.
The Russian Servant of the Second Half of the XIX the Century in Modern Historiography
Анисимова И. В.
The Police of the Steppe Region in the Post-Reform Period: Pan-imperial Reforms and Regional Everyday Life

Митыпова Н. М.
Customary Law of the Buryat People: Interests of the Buddhist Clergy and Tribal Aristocracy in the Legal Space (Second Half of the 18th – 19th Centuries)
Полянская О. Н.
Mongolian Studies in Russia of the Second Half of the 19th Century: Traditions and Continuity in the Training of Orientalists. K. F. Golstunsky
Цыпилова С. С.
Marriage and Family in Mongolian: a Brief Historical and Legal Review
Цыренов Ч. Ц.
Ruling Clans of the Eastern Jin Era (317–420 AD) and Early Chinese Buddhism

Курас Л. В.
Кальмина Л. В.
The Jewish Issue Unvarnished: Review on Monograph Secret Policy: from Brezhnev to Gorbachev by G. V. Kostyrchenko
Базаров А. А.
History and Culture of Buddhism in Mongolia: Review of the Monograph by Ts. P. Vanchikova “Buddhism in Mongolia: History, Clergy, Monasteries”

Константинов М. В.
The Half-Century Activities of I. I. Kirillov Museum of Archeology of Transbaikalia
Огнев Д. А.
Topics of Dissertations on National History Defended at Tomsk State University in 2012–2017
The Key to Tolerance
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Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 14, No. 6. 2019