Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 14, 2019, № 4


Шевченко А. А.
“Post-Truth” as a New “Regime of Truth”
Белов А. А.
“Change in Values” of Iranian Cinema of the 1960s–1970s: Culture and Revolution
Силантьева М. В.
Social Transparency and Personal Boundaries: Global Culture Paradoxes
Хасиева М. А.
Socio-cultural Aspects of Urbanization in the Philosophy of the 20th Century
    Social philosophy

Лига М. Б.
Щеткина И. А.
Захарова Е. Ю.
Quality of Life in Modern Science and Practice: Theory and Empirism
Забнева Э. И.
Social-philosophical Bases of the Competence Model of the Municipal Employee
Жуков А. В.
Забнева Э. И.
Study of Professionalism of Municipal Employees in Social and Philosophical Concepts and Modern Problems of Management
Шишкин А. Е.
Philosophy of Medicine: Problems of Bioethics

Глаголев В. С.
Conceptualization of “Everyday Orientalism” Idea in Russia: Stereotypes and Prototypes
Чжоу Чуаньмин
Features of Modernization in China
Чистанов М. Н.
Formation of Regional Elite and Problem of Maintaining Cultural Identity of Siberian Regions and the Russian Far East
Ден В. Г.
Коноплёва Н. А.
Food Culture of the Far Eastern Region in Aspects of Everyday Culture

Сериков А. Е.
Typical Emotional States
Бахметьев А. Э.
Heuristic Status of Intuitive Knowledge
Тимощук Е. А.
Phenomenological Model of Cognition

Цзян Сяодун
Culture and Education in an Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Лиханова В. В.
Лях О. А.
Cultural Tourism in Transbaikal Territory as a Factor of Tourist Destination Development
Коноплёва Н. А.
Винокурова М. А.
To the Question of Determination of Essential Characteristics and Factors of Formation of the Everyday Culture of Food and Gastronomic Culture
Шульц Д. В.
Features of Contemporary Dance Development in Russia: Philosophical and Culturological Analysis
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Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 14, No. 4, 2019