Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 13, No. 6. 2018, 2018, № 6

Social history

Zelyak V.G. Modern Historiography of the History of Geological Research of Russia’s North East in the 1920s–1960s
Mertsalov V. . On Cossack Ataman Semenov’s Political Conception of “Russizm”
Sidorchuk I.V. The Main Problems of Implementation of the State Strategy of Training Specialists for the Northern Suburbs of the USSR in the 1920s (on the Example of the Northern Faculty of A. S. Enukidze Oriental Institute)

Regional History

Zandanova L.V.
Aidarov K.A.
Serebrennikov I.P.
The Arrangement of Socio-Political Forces in Irkutsk in the Period of Peaceful Development of the Revolution in Spring of 1917
Lyapustin S. . Experience of Interaction of Customs Agencies with the Border Agency in Border Protection and Combating Smuggling in Transbaikalia, Amur Region and Primorye (1910–1923)
Moshkina Z.V. Application of Penal Servitude Rules of Living Outside the Prison to State Criminals Sentenced to Hard Labour in Nerchinsk in the Second Half of the 19th Century


Konstantinov A.V. Paleolithic Dwellings of Kosaya Shivera-1, 2 Settlements (Western Transbaikalia)
Moroz P. . The Middle Paleolithic Localities of Eastern Transbaikalia
Ponomareva I.A. A Rock Art Survey in Trans-Baikal Territory in 2017
Yurgenson G. .
Moroz P. .
The River Pebbles and Boulders of Transbaikalia as Sources of Raw Materials in the Stone Age

History of religion

Bushueva E.S. Rector of the Nerchinsk Assumption Church Yakov Ivanovich Znamensky: Peculiarities of the Ministry of the Priest-Revolutionary
Drobotushenko E.V. To the Question of the Number of Orthodox and “Early Church” Cathedrals in Irkutsk in the Middle of the Third Decade of the 20th Century


Batunaev E.V. Mongolia: from Proclamation of Independence to Political Repression
Gomboeva M. .
Fedorova M.V.
Komarova N. .
Traditional Crafts of Eastern Siberia and Modern Art Culture as a Source of Creative Industries Development (on the Basis of Comparative Analysis of the Russian Ethnography Museum Exhibits and the Namdakovs’ Author Dolls)
Tsypilova S.S. A Woman in Medieval Mongolia: a Brief Historical Survey


Kurennaya I.G.
Lytsus’ A. .
Konstantinov Mikhail Vasilievich: an Achaeologist, a Historian, an Encyclopedist, a Social Activist (to the 70th Anniversary)
Kuras L.V.
Vanchikova T.P.
Transbaikalia – Terra Incognita Book Review: History of Transbaikalia (from Ancient tTmes to 1917) by A. V. Konstantinov, N. N. Konstantinova

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