Historical sciences and archeology ISSN 1996 - 7853


 Journal Humanitarian Vector. Historical Sciences and Archeology


The dominant subject matter of the journal is connected with key meanings, values and artifacts of culture. This ideological outline of the journal’s content becomes the basis for understanding of a wide range of sociocultural problems within philosophy, philology and history. 

 The issue is a collection of original and review scientific papers of Russian and foreign authors on the national and world history, archeology, source studies and historiography.

The journal publishes the results of scientific and applied research in history of mass media and their role in the life of society.

Materials will be interesting to the wide scientific community, university lecturers, postgraduate students, students, workers in culture and education.

 Topic sections: General history. Problems of Russian history. Regional history. Social history. Archeology. Point of view. Oriental studies. History of the international relations. Political science. Mass media: the past, the present and the future.