Article name Review of The Monograph “Colour Designation in The Avar Language” by B. M. Ataev
Authors Shikhalieva S.H. Doctor of Philology, Associate Professor,
Bibliographic description Shikhalieva S. Kh. Review of the monograph “Colour Designation in the Avar language” by B. M. Ataev // Humanitarian Vector. 2019. Vol. 14, No. 5. PP. 167–169.
UDK 801.731(076.3)
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Annotation In 2018, the Institute of Language, Literature and The Arts published B. M. Ataev’s monograph “Colour Designation in the Avar language”. The book reviewed consists of an introduction, three chapters, conclusion, list of references, sources, applications. The formal corpus of the study of color designations is revealed by the indices “light/ dark tone”. This multi-step description of the indices of the Avar language is confirmed by the motivated names “color as a concept of the proper name”. All the color designations with motivated words “anthroponym, mythonym, toponym, phytonium, zoonym” are confirmed by the content of the list of names from lexicographic and fiction literature. Despite the rawness of some theoretical positions and the controversy of some interpretations, B. M. Ataev’s monograph significantly advances the study of Avar word formation and extends the consistent description of color indices with motivated words.
Key words B. M. Ataev, monograph, the Avar language, Avar word-formation, colour designation
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Full articleReview of The Monograph “Colour Designation in The Avar Language” by B. M. Ataev