Article name “Civilization of the Eye”: the Specifics of the Visual Representation of the Event
Authors Simakova S.I. Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor,
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UDK 070
DOI 10.21209/1996-7853-2020-15-1-125-133
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Annotation Having formulated the goal of the study – to consider the most popular types and forms of visualization of journalistic content using the example of coverage of tragic events, the author successively goes to its implementation. This can be done thanks to an integrated approach to the analysis of the visual content of journalistic materials: continuous sampling method; content analysis; description and generalization. The empirical basis of the study was journalistic materials containing information about a tragic event, accompanied by visual content, from such publications as Argumenty i Facty (, Izvestia (, RIA Novosti (, TASS ( Concrete examples of the use of a visual image in the transmission of information, journalistic materials containing a visual media image are given and analyzed. The article consists of several interconnected parts, each of which is a logical continuation and complement of the previous one, thanks to the proposed structure, the reader can observe the dynamics of the development of the visual image in the media of communication – from general to particular – from the appearance of photography to a visual turn in culture (paragraphs “Photography as basis of total visualization” and “From a photo of a fact to a visual turn”) to create a visual media image (paragraph “Visualization in the media rations). The paragraph “Operational coverage of tragic events – visual content” is devoted to the analysis of the features of visual content during operational media coverage of tragic events. Two methods of visual representation of operational coverage of a tragic event are considered. It is noted that each of them reflects a visual image of a specific situation. As a result of the analysis, the author substantiates the advantages of using one or the visualization method, depending on the particular one prevailing in a situation. We conclude that comprehension of the visual media content of modern media in the categories of visual rotation provides a powerful ideological base for the analysis of media statements and opens up research prospects in a variety of directions.
Key words media in the categories of visual rotation provides a powerful ideological base for the analysis of media statements and opens up research prospects in a variety of directions.
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