Article name Mobile Application as a Means of Forming Information Culture of Society
Authors Likhanova V.V. Candidate of Pedagogy, Associate Professor,
Titova M.P. Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor,
Bibliographic description Likhanova V. V., Titova M. P. Mobile Application as a Means of Forming Information Culture of Society // Humanitarian Vector. 2020. Vol. 15, No. 4. PP. 59–67. DOI: 10.21209/1996-7853-2020-15-4-59-67.
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DOI 10.21209/1996-7853-2020-15-4-59-67
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Annotation We live in the 21st century ‒ the century of high information technology. The present period is characterized by an unprecedented increase in the volume of information flows. The world is undergoing a transition from an “industrial society” to an “information” one. There is a change in the methods of production, the worldview of people, the need for informatization of all spheres of activity, open access to various sources of information. Mobile applications are becoming especially relevant as a means of forming the information culture of society. The most important advantage of using this software for companies operating in the tourism sector is a significant increase in the duration of communication with the consumer, the transfer of a large amount of information, and the receipt of feedback from the consumer. Modern researchers talk about the need to develop information culture, about a mobile application as an actual direction of Internet marketing in the tourism business, a new element of the marketing communications system and an effective means of creating information culture of society. The purpose of this study is to develop recommendations for creating a mobile application as a means of shaping information culture of society. The study was conducted by analyzing sources of scientific, informational and legislative nature. The authors analyzed the concepts of marketing and its features in the field of tourism, examined mobile applications as an actual direction in Internet marketing, identified the main stages of the development of mobile applications, examined the functional elements of a mobile application for a travel agency, developed recommendations for creating a mobile application (for a travel agency) as a means of formation information culture of society.
Key words information culture of society, marketing, internet marketing, travel business, mobile application
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