Article name Problem of Higher School Teachers’ Vocational Training (Exemplified by Hulunbuir College)
Authors Wang Zhi .. Bachelor, Assistant Professor,
Liang Xiumei .. Bachelor, Assistant Professor,
Li Xuefeng .. Bachelor, Assistant Professor,
Liu Ping .. Bachelor, Assistant professor,
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UDK 378
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Annotation The paper generalizes and presents Hulunbuir College experience in training higher school teachers. One of the prerequisites ensuring sustainable development of newly-established undergraduate colleges is a team of well-qualified and professional teachers who are able to use both teaching techniques and qualitative theoretical knowledge in a certain sphere of production activity. The article presents some ways of effective solution of the problem urgent for China higher education: most teachers are inexperienced educators and have little hands-on experience. From the research that has been carried out, the authors can conclude that it’s necessary to provide intensive development of higher education.
Key words teachers’ vocational training, professional development, educational strategy
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Full articleProblem of Higher School Teachers’ Vocational Training (Exemplified by Hulunbuir College)