Article name Features of Religious Syncretism Historical Forms
Authors Gavrilova Y.V. Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor,
Bibliographic description Gavrilova Yu. V. Features of Religious Syncretism Historical Forms // Humanitarian Vector. 2019. Vol. 14, No. 2. PP. 73–80. DOI: 10.21209/1996-7853-2019-14-2-73-80.
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DOI 10.21209/1996-7853-2019-14-2-73-80
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Annotation The study aims to identify and analyze the structural and substantive features of various forms of religious syncretism in their historical dynamics. The article analyzes the forms of religious syncretism that emerged both at the dawn of human history and characteristic of the modern stage of the evolution of religions. Special attention is paid to the analysis of such forms of religious syncretism as “natural” and “illusory” syncretism. The author notes that the genesis of syncretic religious consciousness and socio-cultural dynamics are the determining principles of the religious syncretism formation. According to the author, some forms of religious syncretism are a phased phenomenon. They are not found in the present stage of evolution of religions in its pure form, their individual “remnants” existing latently in modern forms of religious syncretism. The author thinks that “natural” and “mixed” forms of religious syncretism dominate at the present stage of society development. The author focuses on the fact that religious syncretism can be represented in two forms: as a system of religious syncretism and as “inclusion” in the culture of separate, disparate syncretic elements. The author defines religious syncretism as the objective process of combining the structural elements of diverse, differential and multifunctional religions, as a result of which syncretic religions or disparate elements of syncretic nature arise.
Key words religions, syncretism, forms, religious consciousness, evolution of religions
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