Article name Evaluation of Teachers’ Qualification as a Way to Determine the Quality of Professional Development
Authors Vinogradova N.I. Doctor of Psychology, Professor,
Kasianova E.I. Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor,
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Section Pedagogy
UDK 37.015.323
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Annotation The article examines the readiness of the teacher for expert activity and self-examination. It is regarded as a basic factor of professional development. The authors consider that experts should be teachers who have mastered the basics of cognitive self-development of children. They are able to assist the less productive colleagues in finding “problem zones” of professional development. The authors analyze the work Techniques for Assessing Teachers’ Professional Skills written by V. D. Shadrikov and I. V. Kuznetsova and conclude that the described technique is a tool that allows teachers to implement more productive variants of professional actions. All the competences described in the book fully record the level of the teacher’s professionalism, pointing to the possibility of regulating vitally important functions. The paper shows that the dominance of the subjective subsystem of professionalism development allows considering this phenomenon as a self-governing process. The personal and professional characteristics level of development reflects the quality of the creative psychiatric sphere of the teacher’s professionalism. An important factor in the performance of evaluation committees is the consideration of age-related opportunities for teachers’ professional development.
Key words quality of professional development, personal and professional components of professionalism, professionalism procedural grounds, internal regulation of professionalism, teacher’s professionalism development as a self-governed phenomenon
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Full articleEvaluation of Teachers’ Qualification as a Way to Determine the Quality of Professional Development