Article name The Problem of Research of Yakut Emigration in Historiography
Authors Savvinov P.O. Postgraduate Student,
Antonov E.P. Candidate of History, Associate Professor, Leading researcher,
Bibliographic description Savvinov P. O., Antonov E. P. The Problem of Research of Yakut Emigration in Historiography // Humanitarian Vector. 2019. Vol. 14, No. 3. PP. 112–120. DOI: 10.21209/1996-7853-2019-14-3-112-120.
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DOI 10.21209/1996-7853-2019-14-3-112-120
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Annotation In Russia, the Russian emigration has always been a topic of scientific interest starting from the works of Soviet historians. This article presents different issues and opinions on the development of Russian emigration. The history of the Yakut emigration is in its infancy. The topic of the Yakut emigration and the “Yakut world” abroad has been developed mainly by historians, local lore journalists since the 1990s. Nevertheless, in Yakut historiography the topic of emigration remains a “blank page”. So, within the framework of the project devoted to the mental characteristics of the world of the Yakut emigration in the era of wars and revolutions covering a wide space-time continuum (the end of the 19th century – the 1920s), this article is devoted to the consideration of the problems of studying the Yakut emigration in historiography. The authors used the problem-chronological method for disclosing the topic. Analyzing the works of historians, local historians, writers, the authors conclude that there have been no generalizing works on the history of the Yakut emigration where the experience of its adaptation to the frontier of the East and the West is studied and this requires a systematic study.
Key words Marxist–Leninist approach, counterrevolution, national intellectuals, civil war, White Russians, revolution, Yakut emigration
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