Elmira M. Afanas’eva

Doctor of Philology, Leading Researcher of the Project research laboratory of innovative training tools in teaching Russian (Pushkin State Russian Language Institute).

Member of Dissertation Council D 212.088.01 (FSBEIHE  “Kemerovo State University).

ORСID  0000-0003-1544-4715


Education and Degrees

Doctor of Sciences (Philology): Moscow, RSUH (2014)

Candidate of Sciences (Philology): Tomsk, Tomsk State University (2000)

Diploma: Kemerovo State University, Faculty of Philology and Journalism.

Qualification: Philologist. Teacher of Russian and Literature

Research interests

Russian literature of the 19th century; A.S. Pushkin’s, M.Yu. Lermontov’s, F.I. Tutchev’s creative work; name ontology, myth poetry; praying lyric poetry; literary diplomacy; online technologies and digital pedagogy.

Research activity

E.M. Afanas’eva has worked out the theory of literary approach to the study of name ontology in a literary text.

From 1994 to 2014, E.M. Afanas’eva was the head of folklore expeditions, which took place in Western Siberia. During these expeditions, religious and magic genres of Slavic folklore, fairy tales and non-fairy-tale prose, children’s and mother’s folklore and other genres were studied. Studying the Tolstoy’s commune “Life and labour” (the village of Talzhino, the Kemerovo region) was of special research interest.

In 2018, E.M. Afanas’eva introduced the term “literary diplomacy” for scientific use. The concept was reflected in the following publications: Afanas’eva E.M. The Russian literary classics in speeches of modern politicians//Russian full of reason: collection of materials of the 20th scientific and practical conference of the Central association of teachers of Russian in America. May 30-31, 2018. Moscow. Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, M., 2018. Pp. 13-19; Afanas’eva E.M. V.V. Putin reads M.Yu. Lermontov. Lessons of literary diplomacy // Russian abroad. No. 6. 2018. Pp 51-55.

E.M. Afanas’eva is currently investigating possibilities of distant education and digital pedagogy. She is the author of online course on the Russian literature of the 19th century (including A.S. Pushkin’s and M.Yu. Lermontov’s creative work).

E.M. Afanas’eva is the research supervisor of a cycle of webinars “A.S. Pushkin and a phenomenon of the Russian classics”, which unite leading literary critics and linguists of Russia and the abroad investigating A.S. Pushkin’s creative work. Pushkin webinars of 2019 commemorate the 220th anniversary of the Alexander Pushkin birth, the portal “Education in Russian”.