Zhambalyn Tsetsegma

 Academic Title: Professor, Doctor of History

Expert in history and social and political history of  Mongolia and Buryatia

1st Vice Rector, Ikh Zasag International University


Education and Degrees

Doctor of Sciences, History: Subject of the  Doctoral dissertation “The Buryat national  democrats in revolutionary movement of the  Mongolian people in the first third of the 20th  century” (2006)

Candidate of Sciences, History:  Buryat State  University (1999)

Diploma:  graduated from the Higher Komsomol  School, teacher of history and methods of  teaching (1986)

Honorary member, Academician of Academy of  Problems of Safety, Defense and Law and Order  under the President of the Russian Federation

Scientific activity

Author of more than 10 monographs and several  manuals and textbooks