Fumie Iizuka

Doctor of History, Anthropology, California State University (California,  USA)

e-mail: Zapapote@hotmail.com

2013 Ph.D., University of Arizona, Anthropology (Archaeology and Materials Science)
Dissertation: “Early Pottery in the Tropics of Panama (ca. 4,500-3,200 B.P.):
Production Processes, Circulation, and Diagenesis,” Co-chairs: Michael Schiffer
and Mark Aldenderfer
2005 M.A., University of California, Santa Barbara, Anthropology (Archaeology)
1998 B.A., with Distinction, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Anthropology

Hunter-Gatherers, Early Farmers, Early Ceramics, Neolithization Processes, Artifact Life History,
Technological Change, Production, Exchange, Mobility and Sedentism, Environmental Archaeology,
Geoarchaeology, Ceramic Analysis (Visual, Petrographic, Geochemical, Microstructural), Latin America
(Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Colombia), Asia (Japan and Mongolia). 

2017 Lecturer, California State University, Fullerton, Anthropology
2016-2017 Lecturer, University of California, Los Angeles, Anthropology
2016 Lecturer, California State University, Los Angeles, Anthropology
2016 Fellow, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
2016 Lecturer, California State University Long Beach, Asian and Asian American Studies
2015-Present Project Scientist, University of California, Merced, Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts
2014-Present Visiting Researcher, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Social Sciences and Humanities
2014 Lecturer, University of Arizona, Anthropology
2013-Present Visiting Scholar, University of Arizona, Anthropology

2018  Iizuka, F., Izuho, M., Gunchinsuren, B., Tsogotbaatar, B., & Odsuren, D. Manufacturing
Techniques and Formal Variability of Pottery from Five Neolithic Sites in Eastern Steppe
and the Gobi Desert, Mongolia. Studia Archaeologica Instituti
Historiae Et Archaeologici Academiae Scientiarum Mongolic,i (in press)
2017*  Handa, N., Izuho, M, Takahashi, K., Iizuka, F., Tsogtbaatar, B., Gunchinsuren, B., Odsuren,
& D., Ishtseren, L. Discovery of a Late Pleistocene Rhinocerotic Fossil from Ondorkhaan,
Eastern Mongolia. The Journal of the Geological Society of Japan 123 (12): V-VI. (cover
sheets, in Japanese)
2017*  Iizuka, F., The Earliest Panamanian Pottery: Reconstructing Production and Distribution of
Monagrillo ceramics through Petrographic Provenance Analysis, Geoarchaeology, 00:1-21. https://doi.org/10.1002/gea.21626.
2017*  Iizuka, F., & Izuho, M., Late Upper Paleolithic-Initial Jomon Transitions, Southern Kyushu,Japan: Regional Scale to Macro Processes a Close Look, Quaternary International 441: 102-112.
2016 Iizuka, F., Izuho, M., Vandiver, P. & Okubo, K., Manufacturing Techniques and Variability:
Incipient Jomon Pottery from the Sankakuyama I Site, Kagoshima, Japan, From Jomon no
Mori: Bulletin of Kagoshima Prefectural Archaeological Center 9: 31-50 (in Japanese).
2014* Iizuka, F. Cooke, R., Frame, L. & Vandiver, P. Inferring Provenance, Manufacturing
Technique, and Firing Temperatures of Monagrillo Ware (3520-1300 cal BC), Panama’s First
Pottery. In Craft and Science: International Perspectives on Archaeological Ceramics, edited
by Martinon-Torres, M. pp. 19-29. UCL Qatar Series in Archeology and Cultural Heritage,
Volume 1, Doha, Qatar: Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation.
2015 Iizuka, F. Science before Modernity, Archaeology of the Present; Book Review: The
Archaeology of Science: Studying the Creation of Useful Knowledge, Michael Brian
Schiffer. New York: Springer, 2013, Current Anthropology 56(1): 146-148.
2016 Iizuka, F. The Emergence of Pottery in Panama (ca. 4500-3200 14C BP) and its Relations to
Use and Degrees of Sedentism (summary of invited talk: http:
jssaa,rwx.jp/kondankai_east006_shouroku.pdf). In Sixth Round-table Conference of Eastern
Japan, Japan Society for Studies of Ancient America, pp. 1-9. Tokyo, Japan (in Japanese).