Zhao Xiaobing

Doctor of Literature, Associate Professor;

Institute of the Russian Language of the Sichuan University of Foreign Languages in Chongqing (Chongqing, China).



Graduated from Shandong University with a degree in Russian in 1990.

Graduated from the Master’s Degree in Literature at the Singchuan Institute of Foreign Languages in 2004.

He graduated from Beijing Normal University in 2008 with a degree in Translation Theory and Comparative Culture.

The topic of the doctoral dissertation is “Reconstruction of Meanings in Literary Translation as in the Act of Translation” (2008).


Research Interests

  • Russian and Chinese literature
  • Theory and practice of translation
  • Comparative culture
  • Sociolinguistics

Main publications

1. 赵小兵. 文学翻译中的意义突显. 中国俄语教学. 2011年第4期,第54-59页. Zhao Xiao-bing. Emphasis-underlining of meaning in literary translation // Russian language in China (PRC). 2011. No. 4. Pp. 54–59.
2. 赵小兵. 文学翻译:意义重构(专著). 北京:人民出版社. 2011年. 330页Zhao Xiao-bing. Literary translation: reconstruction of meaning: monograph. Beijing: People Publishing House, 2011. 330 p.
3. 赵小兵. 俄汉互参式意义重构的译学研究(专著)双语互参式意义重构的译学研究. 中国社会科学出版社. Zhao Xiao-bing. Translation study of the reconstruction of meanings based on the interactive interaction of the Russian and Chinese languages (monograph). Beijing: China Social Science Publishing House, 2018.
4. 赵小兵. 双语互参在俄语诗歌汉译中的作用. 中国翻译. 2018年第1期,第104-110页。Zhao Xiao-bing. Translation study of the reconstruction of meanings based on the interaction of Russian and Chinese languages. Chinese Translator (Chinese Translators Journal). 2018. No. 1. Pp. 104-110.
5. Zhao Xiao-bing, Wang Ying-li. Reconstruction of Aesthetic and Poetic Meanings in Translation Based on Bilingual Interactivity // Humanitarian Vector. 2019. Vol. 14, No. 1. PP. 93–99. DOI: 10.21209/1996-7853-2019-14-1- 93-99.
6. Zhao Xiao-bing. Hermit fathers and blameless wives”: the problem of translating a religious poem into Chinese. Russian language abroad. 2019. №3. Pp.39-43.
7. Zhao Xiao-bing, Zhao Wenqing. About the Chinese Book “The Book of Poetry” // Humanitarian Vector. 2021. Vol. 16, No.1. Pp. 25–34. DOI: 10.21209/1996-7853-2021-16-1-25-34.



e-mail: yazhaoxb@163.com