Humanitarian Vector. Vol.15, №3 2020

    “IT’S A CELEBRATION WITH TEMPLES ALREADY GRAY …” (to the 75th Anniversary of the Great Victory)

Blinov A. V.
Kokorev I. V.
Inventory of the State Archive of the Kemerovo Region as a Source of Information on Evacuated Enterprises and Equipment in Kemerovo During the Great Patriotic War
Mertsalov V. I.
Militant Everyday Life of the 116th Rifle Division of the 52nd Army in the Defensive Battle Outside of Iaşi (30 May – 8 June 1944)

Bushueva E. S.
Novikov P. A.
The Role of Interethnic Marriages in Stabilizing Interethnic Relations in the Ethno-Contact Zone of East Transbaikalia in the Second Half of the 17th‒18th Centuries (to the History of the Nerchinsk Assumption Church)
Makeev A. N.
Union Construction in the East Siberian Producers’ Cooperation in the Late 1920s ‒ Early 1930s
Plekhanova A. M.
Shirapov A. A.
The Verkhneudinsk Mutual Credit Society: Background and Beginning Stage in Cross-Border Conditions (1911–1913)

Bershadskaya S. V.
Theatres and Cinemas in Everyday Life of Yenissei Province Townspeople at the Beginning of the 1920s
Kolokol’tseva N. Y.
Val’kova K. V.
The Activities of the Peredvizhniki Artists as a Dialogue of Cultures of the Second Half of the 19th Century
Kiskidosova T. A.
“The Urban Everyday Life” in the Regional Periodicals of the Second Half on the XIXth – Early XXth Centuries: Review of Modern Historiography

Klimova O. G.
Historiography of the History of the Merchant Clans of Siberia in the Second Half of the 19th – Early 20th Centuries
Kushnarеva M. D.
Historical Portrait of the Yakut Merchant of the 1-st Guild P. A. Kushnarev
Lobacheva I. N.
The Relationships of “Fathers” and “Sons” in Merchant Families of Tula Province in the Second Half of the XIXth Century
    Social history

Pecherskiy V. A.
Personnel Issues in the Activities of the Judicial Bodies of Krasnoyarsk Krai in the Post-War Period (1945–1952): Difficulties and Ways to Overcome
Musinova T. N.
The Estate of Assistants to Jurymen in the Social Structure of the Russian Empire in the Second Half of the 19th Century
Vasiliev A. D.
Issues of Administrative Transformation of the Yakut Region in the Views of Siberian Officials: the 1790s–1800s

Kulakov V. I.
Videvut, Bruten and Prussian Archeology of the Beginning of the Merovingian Era
Osipova M. V.
Symbolism and Functions of Birds’ Images in the Folklore of the Kuril, Sakhalin and Hokkaido Ainu
Tsyrenova N. D.
History of the Khori Buryats: the Manuscript by Dashi Bubeev
Tsyrenov C. T.
General Wang Dun and His Rebellion Against the Eastern Jin Dynasty

Yaremchuk O. A.
“Without the Past, Nowhere...” (about Scientific and Pedagogical Activity of E. V. Kovychev)
Vasilieva T. G.
Personal Archive of a Medievalist and a Teacher: the 100th Anniversary of А. М. Sokolova
Buraeva S. V.
In the Mirror of Time: About the Monograph of N. N. Konstantinova “The Museum of Local Lore in Chita: History (1894–1970s)”
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Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 15, No. 3