Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 15., №4 2020


Liga M. B.
Shchetkina I. A.
Technologies for Providing a New Architecture of Quality of Life in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Liga E. M.
Conceptual Assessments of the Formation of Socially Oriented Organizations
Ryazanova S. V.
Balances of Power in Closed Religious Communities (Local Case)
Kazachek N. A.
Zakharova E. Y.
Social Risks of Digital Economy
Strokov A. А.
Social Manifestations of Digital Culture
Azimli A. S.
Social Assessment of the Role of Technology in the Technocratic Conceptions of the 20th–21st Centuries
Likhanova V. V.
Titova M. P.
Mobile Application as a Means of Forming Information Culture of Society

Shevchenko A. A.
Moral Luck as a Normative Challenge
Chistanov M. N.
Ethnicality as Self-Presentation: Experience of Application of Erving Goffman’s Methodology to Analysis of Ethnic Relations in Modern Urban Environment
Anan’ina D. A.
The Influence of the Cultural Revolution on the Transformation of the Ethno-Cultural Identity of the Indigenous Peoples of China (on the Example of the Uyghurs of the XUAR)
Koroliov A. A.
The Culture of “New” Europe in the Work of M. Houellebecq: A Deserted House?
Denisova L. V.
Rogacheva T. V.
Ontological and Socio-Psychological Foundations of Religious Addiсtion: Toward a Problem Statement
Izluchenko T. V.
Research Methodology of Extremism in Modern Scientific Discourse

Kolotusha V. V.
Gureeva O. I.
Cultural and Civilizational Identity in the Conditions of the Formation of a Polycentric World
Reznik Y. M.
The Project of “Common Cause” by N. F. Fedorov as an Ideological Prerequisite for the Civilizational Development of Modern Russia
Sukharev D. V.
Zhou Chuanming
Assessment of the Processes of Modernization and Regionalization of China in the Studies of Chinese Scientists
Bokavneva O. V.
Beyond the Great Wall: Peculiarities of the Chinese National Character
Ulanova A. E.
How Chinese Pragmatism Influences Use of Digital Technologies During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Kovalev A. A.
Legal Culture in the Mirror of Modern Social Philosophy of the West

Kolesnikov A. S.
Contemporary Comparative History of Philosophy in Anthropological Prospect
Sergeeva A. I.
Space-Temporal Perception in Cyberspace: Mythology and Consciousness (Socio-Philosophical Analysis)
Samoilova E. O.
Shaev Y. M.
The Question of Androids in the Sphere of Human Practices: Digital Colonialism or Harmony?
Serikov A. E.
Conceptual Construct “Behavior” In Kurt Lewin’s Field Theory
Erokhin V. S.
Erokhina N. V.
Identification of Normativity in the Narrative Approach: Advantages and Disadvantages
Gaidai M. K.
Opinion of the Youth of Higher Education Institutions on the Activities of the Police

Zimbuli A. E.
The Internet: a Resource and a Moral Test
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Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 15, No. 4