Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 16, №2 2021


Prokhorov E. A.
The Concept of “Community” in the Social Ontology of J.-L.Nancy and J. Agamben
Ostroglazova N. A.
Socio-Cultural Self-Identification: Lost, Created and Asserted Identity
Nesterov A. Y.
The Problem of the Subject in Artificial Nature
Liga M. B.
Shchetkina I. A.
A Man in the Era of Digitalization of Society
Azimli A. S.
Technocracy as the Ideology
Liga E. M.
Socially Oriented Non-Profit Organizations in the Welfare State
Likhanova V. V.
Titova M. P.
Exhibition Activity of Tourist Enterprise in the Context of Information Society

Agapov O. D.
The Joy of Being as Anthropological Practice
Bernyukevich T. V.
Science and Religion in the 21st Century: Buddhist Vector
Sokolov V. M.
Stovba A. V.
The Imperative of the Bioethical Approach to the Moral and Political Problems of the Coronacrisis COVID-19
Izluchenko T. V.
The Role of Myth in Extremism: the Socio-Philosophical Analysis
Schultz D. V.
Modern Dance in the Digital Space: A Screen Dance in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Zhukov A. V.
Kononov S. V.
Formation of the Concept of “Regional Security” in the History of World Philosophical Thought
Dumnova E. M.
Socio-Cultural Adaptation of Migrants and New Types of Identity
Zou Hong
Bernyukevich A. A.
Zakharova E. Y.
Contemporary Environmental Policy of Russia and China in the Context of the General Theory of Interaction Between Nature and Society
Ishchenko N. S.
Zaslavskaja E. A.
The Image of the Other as a Structural Characteristic of the Cultural Border on the Example of Ukraine and Donbass
Kasimov R. K.
Caucasian Xenoglossary in Modern Russian and Image of “Caucasian World”
Gomboeva M. I.
Conceptual Foundations for Designing the Content of the Regional Component of the Educational Area “Art” (The Case of “Transbaikal Studies”)
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Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 16, no. 2. Philosophical Sciences