Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 16, №5 2021

    Humanistic Trends in the Development of Society

Dedolko J. V.
Human Capital Concept Evolution in the Context of Scientific Knowledge Stages Dynamics
Erokhin V. S.
The Relationship Between Normativity and Communication in the Being of a Person
Fatenkov A. N.
Grekhov A. V.
Social Consciousness in the Realities of IT-Civilization
Fedotova M. G.
The Marginal Reality of Humor
    Socium Axiology

Izutkin D. A.
Human Dignity and Rationality of Modern Medicine in the Aspect of the Biomedical Technologies
Polyushkevich O. A.
Modern Reading of the Sociology of Morality
Smirnova O. V.
Kononov A. A.
The Distinction Between Law qnd Morality in Legal Positivism: Socio-Philosophical Dimension

Zimina N. S.
The Problem of Human Identity in a Transboundary Sociocultural Space
Kyrchanoff M. W.
SciFi Cinema as one of Spatial Localizations of Military Images in American Mass Culture
Subbotina N. D.
The Relationship of the Natural and the Social in Intragroup and Intergroup Relations in a Situation of Interethnic Conflicts
Chistanov M. N.
Eremin L. V.
Modern Urban Diasporas: Factors of Social Dynamics (on Materials of Tuva Diaspora in the City Of Abakan)

Serikov A. E.
Insurance as an Analogue of the Candidates Selection for Sacrifice in the Context of the Problem of Human Sacrifice Universality
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Humanitarian Vector. Vol 16, No. 5