Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 18, №1 2023


Vasilenko V. A.
The Work of the Resettlement Administration in the Uriankhai Region in the Early 20th Century in the Context of the Development of Russian-Tuvan Relations
Kulakov V. I.
Antiquities of the Vidivarii
Kuftareva V. V.
The People’s Revolution of 1921 as a Phenomenon of the Social Transformation of Mongolian Society
Taskin D. A.
The Relationship of the Kappelevites Command Staff with G. M. Semenov on the Basis of Memoir Sources
Tiguntsev S. A.
Sports Events in the USSR as a Tool for Promoting Soviet Social Values (on the Example of the 1st Spartakiad of the Peoples of the USSR)
Chapygin I. V.
Smirnova K. A.
Cultural Activity of the Cossack Emigration in the Territory of the Three Rivers

Batomunkueva S. R.
Dialogue Between Authorities and Believers: Prehistory of Ivolginsky Datsan Foundation
Bondar L. D.
Krasnikova O. A.
Daniel Gottlieb Messerschmidt in Transbaikalia: Cartographic Materials in Archival Heritage
Breslavskaya T. S.
Barguzin: Urban History (1783–1927)
Breslavsky A. S.
The Urbanization Crisis and the Transformation of Urban Settlement System in Khabarovsk Krai in the 1990s – 2010s
Drobotushenko E. V.
Antireligious Work in the East Siberian Region in 1936 in the Survey of a Representative of The League of Militant Atheists

Ayusheeva M. V.
Vanchikova T. P.
“Brief history of Mongols” Compiled by A. Dorzhiev (1853–1938)
Zhambalova S. G.
Ritual Hitching Posts Serge Among the Buryats in the 21st Century
Mazur T. G.
On Han Yu’s Letters to Chan Monk Da Dian (819 AD)
Polyanskayа O. N.
The Epistolary Heritage of the Mongolist V. L. Kotvich (1872–1944) about Teaching the Mongolian Language in Russia at the Beginning of the 20th Century
Stolyarov A. A.
Genealogical Myth in Land Grant Charters of Bengal and Bihar of the 8th–13th Centuries as a Variety of Political Myth
Tsyrenov C. T.
Treatise “Discourses on the Migration of Barbarians” as a Source of Information on the Migration Crisis of the Western Jin Era (265–317 AD)

Chernyshov S. A.
Celebrating the 300th Anniversary of the Joining of Siberia to Russia in Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk: A Failed Act of Local Historical Politics

Palikova T. V.
Mitupov K. B.
Zhukova N. E.
Without Love, Everything is Nothing: for the Anniversary of the Doctor of Historical Sciences Elizaveta N. Khantakova
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Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 18. No. 1