Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 18, №3 2023


Abramova K. V.
Poetics of the Prose Works by Nikolai Shchegolev: The Motive of Double Suicide
Iskandari Makhnoush
Saidi Ali
Elements of Absurd in the Story The Old Woman by D. Kharms
Kovtun N. V.
Novikova E. O.
The Mythologem of Water in A. Varlamov’s Story Rafting
Larina M. V.
The Little Man in R. Senchin’s Short Prose of the Late 1990s and Early 2000s
Han Dan
Tugulova O. D.
Bardakhanova Z. D.
On the Issue of the Reception of Chinese \"Strange Stories\" in Russian Literature

Khalida Siyami Eidlak
Bahareh Сheraghi
I. A. Krylov in the Mirror of Russian-Persian Intercultural Dialogue
Zhang Xiao
Unknown Words (Agnonyms) in Russian Village Prose and Their Translations into English (Linguocultural Aspect)
Krasavina A. V.
Lobodenko L. K.
Matveeva I. Y.
Political Internet Meme as a Communicative and Cultural Phenomenon of Modern Media Space
Prostakishina N. V.
The Media Image of the Transbaikal Region as a Tool of National Identification
Tsvetova N. S.
Wartime Journalism: the Communicative Position of the Media Text Author

Avtaeva N. O.
Savinova O. N.
Family Values in Modern Media Education
Vinogradova K. E.
The Development of Artificial Intelligence and the Transformation of Journalism: New Opportunities and Challenges
Dementieva K. V.
Bakeeva D. A.
Frolova N. M.
Media Image of the Region and Features of its Formation (The Case of the Republic of Mordovia)
Ivanyan R. G.
Civic Values of Students – Future Journalists
Il’chenko S. N.
Gaslighting: Transformation of Manipulation from the Particular to the General in the Practice of Modern Media
Myasnikova T. T.
Safronova O. V.
Tolstokulakova Y. V.
Fake News in the Social Media of the Trans-Baikal Territory: The War Against the Axiology of Society

Li Xuan
First Russian Circumnavigation and Colonization of Russian America (1803–1806)
Strygina T. V.
Zueva G. S.
Serdobintseva E. N.
Shibleva N. A.
Simchuk D. V.
The Scientist is Always True to Her Topic: For the Memory of Ekaterina K. Reva
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Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 18, no. 3