Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 19, №1 2024

    Cultural Heritage of Buddhism

Vanchikov A. S.
Altan Khan (1507–1583) and his Role in Spreading Buddhism Among the Mongolian Peoples
Vanchikova T. P.
Tsyrenova N. D.
Van I. D.
Monastery of Zaya-pandita: History and Modern Times
Liga M. B.
Shchetkina I. A.
Zakharova E. Y.
Gomboeva M. I.
The Influence of Buddhist Institutions on the Formation of the Civic Identity of the Population of the Trans-Baikal Territory
Namzhilova E. S.
Sociocultural Design of the Sustainability of the Value Core of Buryat Culture Through the Implementation of Social Practices
Polyanskayа O. N.
Scientific Heritage of Specialist in Mongolian Studies A. M. Pozdneyev on Buddhism Among Buryats in the XVIIIth – Early XXth centuries: From Spread to Integration into the Sociocultural Space of Russia
Shomakhmadov S. K.
The Enumeration of the Names-Epithets of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the Buddhist Sources

Gomboeva Y. Z.
China’s Creative Industries
Denikin A. A.
Human Communication with Cyborgs in Experimental Projects of Contemporary Artists and Designers
Mezentsev S. D.
Bernyukevich A. A.
On the Impact of the ‘Zero COVID-19’ Policy on China’s Economic and Financial Systems
Sundueva D. B.
Zakharov M. A.
Khamnigan Identity in the Cultural Space of the East Trans-Baikal Transboundedness
Zhou Xiaowei
The Symbolic Space of Chinese Tea Culture
Zhao Shuai
The Influence of Taiji Philosophy on the Artistic Conception of Contemporary Chinese Neorealism
    Humanistic Trends in the Development of Society

Zhukov A. V.
Kovalev V. A.
Adaptation of International Military Cadets to the Host Environment of Russian Military Universities in the Context of Foreign Theories of Ethnic Migration
Zeynalov H. G.
Vinogradova I. B.
Shulugina G. A.
Abdullaev A. Z.
Eliseev M. A.
An Open Model of Cultural Dialogue in the Context of Safe Social Interaction
Zeynalova K. V.
Hypertextual Literature Through the Lens of Poststructuralist Theory
Izutkin D. A.
Artificial Intelligence in the System of “Physician-Patient”: Anthropocentrism vs Technocentrism
Madzharov A. S.
History of Russia in the XIXth – XXth Centuries: Method and Forecast by N. A. Berdyaev
Tumin A. Y.
The Culture of Patriotism as a Scientific Concept in Modern Social Philosophy: Actualization of the Problem Field
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Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 19, no. 1