Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 13. No. 4 2018, №4 2018


Subbotina N. D.
The Problem of Periodization of History: Single, Special and General
Shagiakhmetov M. R.
System Theory of State and Society Development
Chistanov M. N.
The Splendors and Miseries of Geographical Determinism (Reflections about Ethnocultural Identity in the Context of the Historical Subject Problem)
Darenskiy V. Y.
Analysis of Paradoxes of Ukrainian National Identity in P. Bitsilli’s Conception
Mertsalov V. I.
Cossack Ataman Semenov as a Politician
Filyanov N. A.
The Social-Political Aspect of the Bills of Livius Drusus The Younger
    Regional History

Baikalov N. S.
Foreign Historiography of the Soviet BAM: Thematic Dominants and Main Narratives
Bespal’ko D. N.
The History of the Formation and Development of Muskrat Farming in the North of the Chita Region in 1932–1950
Kiskidosova T. A.
Yeniseisk in the End of the 19th – Early 20th Centuries through the Eyes of the Local Residences: the Diary of M. P. Mindarovsky
Plotnikova M. M.
Development of Municipal Self-Government in Eastern Siberia in the First Half of the XIXth century
Semenov E. V.
Participation of the Polish Political Exiles in Development of Hotel Business in the Eastern Transbaikalia in the Second Half of the 19th Century
    History of religion

Yurganova I. I.
“The Tsar Is Far Away, and God Is High Above…” (from the History of Interrelations of Secular Power and the Clergy in the Yakutsk Region)
Smirnova I. Y.
The British Missionary Project in Transbaikalia (1817–1840)
Kosykh V. I.
Terrorist Acts against the Clergy of the Transbaikal Diocese (1921–1922)

Ayusheeva M. V.
Vanchikova T. P.
Rinchinov O. S.
The Archival Documents on the History of Buryat-Mongolian Scientific Committee (1922–1929)
Mamkina I. N.
Activity of the Teachers’ Voluntary Social Organization in the Transbaikal Region in the Beginning of the XXth Century
Yaremchuk O. A.
Organization of Extracurricular Activities of Schoolchildren in Chita in the Late 1930s – Early 1940s

Vanchikova T. P.
Ayusheeva M. V.
To the History of the Badgar Monastery
Namsaraeva S. B.
Typology of Heqin Marriage Alliances: Manchu-Chinese and Manchu-Mongol Marriages during the Qing Dynasty
Sanzhieva E. G.
Fine Art in Culture of Buryatia of the Second Half of the 1940s and the 1950s

Polyanskayа O. N.
History and Culture of the Mongolic Peoples in the Works of the Russian Orientalist V. P. Vasilyev (1818–1900)
Zandanova L. V.
Kulakova Y. V.
A Perfect Teacher: to the 90th Anniversary of the Birth of Doctor of History, Professor Viktor Grigorievich Tyukavkin
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