Humanitarian Vector, Vol 12, No. 1 2017, №1 2017

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Философские науки, Том 12, 2017, №1
    Social philosophy

Ageeva N. A.
Temperance Imperative in the Context of Secular and Religious Education
Gomboeva L. V.
Developing Culture: Ethical, Political and Legal Foundations
Mironova N. V.
Education and Culture, Education and Civilization: Challenges of Time
Paptsova A. K.
Anikin N. V.
The Evolution of Civil and Ethnic Identities of Moldova Ethnic Groups in the Context of Ethnic and Ethno-regional Cultural Projects Formation
Samoilova E. O.
Virtual Narrative in the Context of Modern Chronotope
Filimonov A. V.
The Problems of the Cossacks’ Essence and Identity in History and Ethnography Research Concepts

Zimbuli A. E.
Pity: Morality and Value Perspectives
Izutkin D. A.
Illness as a Form of Alienation of the Individual’s Biological Nature from Social Essence
Polyushkevich O. A.
Philosophy of Gratitude
Smirnova N. E.
Ethos of the Patient’s Alienation in the Social Space: Game in the Definitions of “Other” and “Alien”
Khen Y. V.
Eugenic Strategies for the Future: Qualitative Demographics or Liberal Eugenics?
Chetverikova N. A.
Features of the Sexes Communicative Behavior: Philosophical and Psychological Aspects

Davydov A. A.
“Subject” and “Substance”: Defining the Concepts
Zhilin V. I.
The Dialectical Law of Negation of the Negation: “Sublation” According to Hegel
Prokofyeva D. V.
Humanistic Views of Erich Fromm and Eastern Orthodoxy: Meeting Points
Sychev A. A.
Provocation in the History of Philosophy
Fatenkov A. N.
M. A. Lifshitz’s Thought in the Realistic Turn of Russian Philosophy
Cheker N. V.
Søren Kierkegaard: Thoughtless Haste as Culture Death

Bocharnikov V. N.
Nature, Society, Landscape and Interaction: Constructivist Ideas of National Geography
Gerasimenko T. I.
Ethno-cultural Transboundariness: A Geographer’s View
Sokolova A. A.
Land Along the Argun River: Territorial Differentiation of Information Space (Based on Russian Dialectal Lexicography and Place Names)

Privalova M. V.
Postmodern ‒ Transmodern ‒ Postvitalizm: Reflections on V. A. Kutyrev’s Monograph “Gone with the Progress: Eschatology of Life in the Technogenic World”