Humanitarian Vector, Vol 12, №5 2017

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Humanitarian Vector, Vol 12, No. 5, 2017
    Cognitive Linguistics

Kamalova A. A.
On the Individualization of the Sacred Name (the Case of the Names of Saints in the Calendar of the Russian Orthodox Church)
Pimenova M. V.
Conceptology at the Present Stage (Methods of Investigation of Conceptual Structures)
    Linguistic worldview

Alexandrov S. V.
Professional Administration in the Aspect of Language and Culture
Dyrkheeva G. A.
On Some Features of Language Consciousness Transformation (The Case of Colour Lexicon in the Buryat Language)
Kolodyazhny I. V.
Life as a High Tragedy: the Problem of Religious Consciousness in Social and Political Journalism of Vadim Kozhinov
Shnyakina N. Y.
Tactile Sensation as a Source for Verbalization of the Perceptual Field “Smell” (the Case of German)

Boguslavskaya V. V.
Boguslavskiy I. V.
Media Text and Hashtags: Digital Media Transformation
Reva E. K.
Gastronomic Media Discourse in the Context of Designing of the Interethnic Relations
Chekunova M. A.
Blogosphere of the Political and Administrative Media Discourse in Aspect of Textual Criticism
Shestyorkina L. P.
Sabitova A. R.
Modern Trends in the Development of Civic Journalism on Russian Television

Abaeva Y. D.
Vowel Harmony in the Buryat Language: Dialect Peculiarities
Ayusheeva M. V.
Biography of Chakhar-gebshi Libsantsultim as a Source on the History of Buddhism
Bazarov A. A.
Literature of Siddhanta (dubta) in Buryat Monasteries (the 19th – Beginning of the 20th Centuries)
Daribazaron D. E.
Buryat Annotations on Lamrim

Balbekov R. Y.
Verоpotvel’yan D. O.
Pimenova M. V.
Russian is becoming a Foreign Language in CSTO Countries
Natalia Zamoshnikova: \"Syntax was my favourite subject\"