Filologiya. Part 11, №5 2016

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Philology. Part 11, №5, 2016

Dyzhitova E. C.
Сomparative Aspect of Geographical Terminology of East Transbaikalia
Kapenova Z. Z.
Multiparadigmatic and Interdisciplinary Character of Modern Linguistic Directions
Nagieva E. B.
Speaker’s Strategies and Means of their Speech Realization in Public Lectures
Romanov I. А.
Modern Russian Literature and the Cultural Paradigm of Hellenism
Urzha A. V.
The Narrator’s Mode in V. Nabokov’s Novel Transparent Things and its Russian Translations

Gutnikova A. V.
Formal Features of Non-Affixal Nouns in Middle High German
Deeva N. V.
Border of Synonymic Group in the Ordinary Consciousness of Polish Native Speakers (on a Material of Lexeme “Los” Synonyms)
Dobrovolskaya O. Y.
Functionally Restricted Middle English Occupational Terms
    Linguistic worldview

Zhumagulova B. S.
Sartbayeva E. K.
The Cognitive-Matrix Model of the Chronotope in S. Rushdie’s Novel Midnight’s Children
Zakharova T. V.
Symbolic Signs of Concepts Луна and Mond
Klyoster A. M.
Concept ‘Condition’ in German Professional Discourse of Engineering Psychology
Urvantsev G. V.
Reclamation of Mental Spaces in Fiction Works Belonging to Different Types of Discourse

Dzialoshinskiy I. М.
Dzyaloshinskaya M. I.
Journalist Codes and Journalism Practice: Nonintersecting Parallels?
Il’chenko S. N.
Political Games of Modern Show Business In Television: Discourse Manipulation
Reva E. K.
The Mass-Media Discourse in the Aspect of Realizing the Strategy of State National Politics in the Russian Federation before 2025 (on the Material of Publications about Derbent City in 2015)
Sidorov V. A.
Media Viruses as Means of Communicative Aggression
Subbotin I. A.
Problem of Terrorism in the French Weekly Press (Based on L’Express, L’Obs and Le Point of 2015–2016)
Teplyashina A. N.
Phenomenon of the Political Reporting of Andrey Kolesnikov, the Special Correspondent of the Newspaper Kommersant
Chemyakin Y. V.
Can Journalism Be Corporate?

Vanchikova T. P.
To the History of Mongolian Hand-Written Ganjur and about Contemporary Researches of the Buddhist Canonic Compendiums
Zhabon Y. Z.
On the Problem of the Tibetan Medical Texts Translation (the Case of the 31st Chapter of the 2nd Volume of the rGyud bzhi)
Tsypilova , ; S. S.
“The Library of a Buryat Woman”. Mass Political Literature of the 1920s–1930s.

Akhmetova M. N.
Introduction of Senior Preschool Children into the World of the Russian Language

Pimenova M. V.
The ХХIst Summer Scientific School “Cognitive Linguistics and Conceptual Research” (St. Petersburg, 23 June – 3 July, 2016)
Kubyshko O. V.
Review: Akhmadulin Evgeny V., Chukov Paul I. “Typology of specialized newspapers” (Raleigh, North Carolina, USA: Lulu Press, 2016. 175 p.)
Shikhalieva S. K.
Review on Monograph “Agul texts of the 1900s–1960s” by T. A. Maisaka