Philology, Oriental Studies. №4(40), №4 2014

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Philology, Oriental Studies. №4(40), 2014

Akhmetova G. D.
Eschatological Traditions in the Modern Russian Prose
Golovanov I. A.
Folk Humor in A. Platonov’s Plays
Kamedina L. V.
On the Orthodox Dominant in the Works by O. Dimov
Nelyubina Y. A.
Film Text in the Field of Related Concepts

Grechishkina S. V.
Short Literary Compositions in the Body of Nature Prose in English: the Problem of Genre Division
Kerimov R. D.
Political Metaphor as a Linguistic Cognitive Phenomenon (on the example of German Frame “Athletes and Competitions”)
Terzieva M. T.
Ecological Messages in the Canadian Literature for Young People and their Translation Reception in Bulgaria
Urzha A. V.
Perceptivisation as an Element of the Interpreter’s Tactics
    Linguistic worldview

Butylskaya L. V.
Linguistic-Cultural Space of Poetry by Larissa Andersen
Olzoyeva Y. V.
Khamaganova V. M.
On Possible Researching Ways of the Baikal Siberia Old-Timers’ Texts

Dzialoshinskiy I. М.
Media Linguistic in the Context of Transforming Media
Erofeeva I. V.
Subjective Truth and Objective Truth in Space of Media Text: Dichotomy of Justice
Kuznetsova E. V.
Oh, Brave New World: Understanding of Postmodernism in the Russian Philosophical Publicism (2010–2012)
Mel’nik G. S.
Misonzhnikov B. Y.
Tactical Media: Social Priorities and Text Pragmatics

Gashinova Y. S.
The Lexical-Semantic Field of «Spatial Limit» in the Chinese Language (on the Results of Associative Experiment)
Zheltov P. V.
The Relicts of Middle-Bulgharian Epoch in the Chuvash Language: Verbal Nouns with –ăx/-ĕх Affixes
Israfilov N. R.
Metaphor as a Typological Factor of Language and Culture Enrichment: Interpretation In Grammar And Vocabulary
Kuras L. V.
Mongolia at the Beginning of the XXI Century: Faces of Democracy
Lamozhapova I. A.
Typology of Phonetic Development of Buryat-MongolianToponyms of Transbaikalia
Sanzhanov Z. S.
Phonetic Method of Derivation of Political Lexicon of the Buryat Language (on the example of Alternation h/s)

Akhmetova M. N.
Written Pupil’s Speech as a Pedagogical Problem (Synergetic Law of “Returns” of a Live Image Technologies
Ivanova T. M.
System-Active Approach in the Teaching of Russian as a Foreign Language in the Principal Types Teaching of Speech Activity