Pedagogy, Psychology. №1(37), №1 2014

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Pedagogy, Psychology. №1(37), 2014
    Preschool and primary education

Golbert E. V.
Functional Model of the Notions’ Forming Process on Family Relationship at the Senior Preschool Children
Sapozhnikova A. G.
The Essence of Spiritual and Moral Education of Younger Pupils in the Educational Space of Russia
Sudyina S. B.
Network Support in the Formation of Junior Pupil’s Moral Values
    School Pedagogy

Mironova A. M.
Educational Technologies as a Factor of the Development of Students’ Intellectual Giftedness
Klimenko T. K.
Orekhova N. V.
Pedagogical Technology of Personal Spontaneity’s Formation of the Senior Student in the Educational Process
Sysoeva Y. Y.
Understanding of A. S. Makarenko’s Heritage in the Context of Personality Image Problems
    Professional Pedagogy

Dimitrieva V. N.
Pedagogical Support of Students’ Spiritual and Moral Culture Becoming in the Educational Process
Ismiyanov V. V.
Physical Education of Orphan Students by Introducing the Program of the Course «Individual Approach»
Klimenko T. K.
Methodological Approaches to the Master’s Program Designing
Kholmogorova, E. I.
Secondary School - Higher Education Institution continuity in the Field of Information Science
    General Issues of Pedagogy

Manikovskiy P. M.
The Uniform Instrument of Open Access to E-learning Resources – Site of Research Library of Transbaikal State University
Rozdobudko M. O.
Design and Research Competence as an Important Professional Quality of the Future Specialist
Suslin R. A.
Axiological Aspect of Military Service in Modern Conditions
    Psychology Methodology

Skrebets V. A.
Methodology of Environmental Psychology in the Ukrainian and Russian Studies
Shlimakova I. I.
Modern Approaches to the Study of the Impact Category: Eco-Psychological Aspect
    Social Psychology

Borets Y. V.
Social and Psychological Outlines in the Study of Civic Competence
Gvozdev V. A.
Peculiarities of People’s Emotional Sphere in the Condition of Imprisonment as the Indicators of Their Psychological Adaptation
Krapivina L. A.
Sitnikov V. L.
Emergency Effect of Invisible Assets of Teambuilding on the Principles of Creative Commonwealth of Generations
    Psychology of development and pedagogical psychology

Dzyatkovskaya E. N.
Psychological Problems of School Ecological Education
Mityaeva L. B.
Kulganov V. A.
Influence of Students’ Intelligence and Psychological Defenses on the Profession Choosing
Panchenko T. S.
Age Peculiarities as a Factor of Personality Development
Rapatsky B. I.
Reflection as a Mechanism of Teenager’s Personality Development
    Special and Clinical Psychology

Korotkov P. V.
The Theoretical Aspects of Personal Disorders Study
Shevtsova Y. V.
The Results of the Correlation Analysis of the Interrelation of Measures between Psychomotor Qualities and Perceptive and Cognitive Development of Elementary School Children of Various Intelligence Levels