Philology. Oriental studies. №4(36), №4 2013

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Philology. Oriental studies. №4(36), 2013

Akhmetova G. D.
Creative Stylistics (Study of Live Literary Text)
Ayupov S. M.
Harisova T. E.
“The Turgenev’s” in Historical-Literary Context of I. A. Bunin’s Story Ida
Badryzlova Y. G.
Isaeva E. V.
Shekhtman N. G.
Kerimov R. D.
Using the Linguistic Metaphor Identification Procedure (MIPVU) on a Russian Corpus: Rules Revised and Extended
Bagauv Y. D.
Neogothic Plots in Modern Culture
Baklanova I. I.
On Correlation between Sources of Information about the Author’s Image and the Addressee’s Image in Memoir Texts
Gutkina E. I.
A. Fet’s Poem “Only is in the world is the shady…”: on the Issue of Composition
Dmitrienko O. A.
Interaction of Visual Art and Literature in Nabokov’s Literary World
Kamedina L. V.
Cultural Landscape of the Troubles (1605–1612) through the Eyes of Russian Writers
Kiynova Z. K.
Phraseological Somatisms of an Old Slavic Origin in Russian: Synchronism in Language Diachrony
Kolomeytseva E. B.
Conceptual Apparatus of the “Foreign” Lexis
Kostyushkina G. M.
Paschenko M. A.
System Code of the Communicative Act
Lizon M.
Dostoyevsky in Slovakia (on the Issue of Illustrated Editions of Russian Literature)
Liu Jun
Comparisons in the Novel Sankya by Z. Prilepin: Language Aspect
Makaricheva N. A.
“Female Understanding” as a Communicative Problem in F. M. Dostoyevsky’s Idiot
Morozova N. S.
First Snow in Russian Poetic Model of the World
Terzieva M. T.
Life and Work of I. I. Gorbunov-Posadov in Bulgaria: Reception Issues

Zhelonkina T. P.
Nouns with Imprecise Meaning in Modern English
Khramchenko D. S.
Modification of Order Parameters in a Pragmatic-Semantic System as a Tendency of Developing Modern Business English Communication
Zhang Lei,
Research of Business Language in Transbaikalia-Manchuria
Zhao Xiaobing
Meaning Highlighting and Artistic Beauty in Translation (Based on the Translation of the Early Stories by A. Vampilov into Chinese)
Shmarova Z. V.
On the Origin of the Chinese Geographic Names
Shorstova S. A.
Conceptual Space Represented by the Verb LASSEN in German
    Linguistic worldview

Butylskaya L. V.
Sociocultural Aspects of the Study of Russian New Year Postcard
Efremov N. N.
Existential Constructions in the Epic Text (Based on the Yakut Heroic Epic Olonkho)
Kerimov R. D.
Linguistic Cognitive Aspects of German Political Metaphor

Erofeeva I. V.
Concept ‘Upbringing’ in Actual Space of Modern Media Text
Lobodenko L. K.
Functional Approach to Journalism, Advertising and PR Interaction
Ponomareva E. V.
Story as a “Middle-Journal” Phenomenon: Genre-Style Specifications and Communication Strategies
Shamanova O. S.
Specifics of Organization of Radio Journalist Work In Convergent Editorial

Alieva Z. M.
Description of Statistics and Distribution of Vowels of the Chamali Language
Dugarova S. B.
Human Potential in Innovative Development of China
Zhabon Y. Z.
Tibetan Medicine Historical Literature
Sanzhanov Z. S.
History of the Study of Social-Political Lexicon of the Buryat Language
Urbanaeva I. S.
How and Why Has Tibet Become a “Central Country”of Buddhism
Tsypilova , ; S. S.
Some Aspects of the Legal Status of Women in the Contemporary Legislation of Mongolia
Shikhalieva S. K.
The Names of God in the New Testament and the Problem of their Translation
Enkhtuvshin B.
Kuras L. V.
Tsybenov B. D.
Globalization and Traditional Cattle Breeding of the Mongolian Nomads

Akhmetova M. N.
Maksyutova G. Y.
Associative Space as a Condition of “Meeting” of a Successful Older Preschooler with Himself
Wang Zhi
Liang Xiumei
Li Xuefeng
Reforms and Innovations in Talent Training Scheme in Application-Oriented Undergraduate Colleges (Exemplified by Hulunbuir College)
Wang Zhi
Liang Xiumei
Li Xuefeng
Liu Ping
Problem of Higher School Teachers’ Vocational Training (Exemplified by Hulunbuir College)
Litavor V. S.
Pedagogical Concept as a System Creative Projection of Educational Situation

Abrosimova O. L.
VI International Scientific Conference “Text Interpretation: Linguistic, Literary and Methodical Aspects” (Chita, December 6–7, 2013)
Suprun V. I.
International Forum of Teachers of Russian and Literature of the Slavic Countries and States of the CIS “Stalingrad Carnation” (Volgograd, April 22–25, 2013)