Philosophy and culturology №2(34), №2 2013

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Philosophy and culturology №2(34), 2013

Subbotina N. D.
Division of Public Functions and the Problem of Integrity of a Man

Vershinina E. A.
The Problem of Human Needs in the Philosophy by G. Hegel
Polyakov D. B.
The Person in Max Stirner’s Individualist Anarchism Interpretation
Privalova M. V.
Russian Social Utopia in the 18th and the First Half of the 19th Century (Based on the Works of A. Radishchev and M. Shcherbatov)
Fatenkov A. N.
Negative Dialectics: Temptation of Nonidentity
Chuprina A. A.
Eхistential Aspect of Axiological Measurement of the Family as a Basis of Human Spirituality
    Problems of modern philosophy

Dugarova S. B.
State and Society in Transformation Conditions: Values of China at the Modern Stage
Zimbuli A. E.
Ethical Bases of Sociocultural Practice
Maksimenko I. A.
Information Technologies as the Main Factor of Social Evolution Acceleration
Rozov N. S.
Political Dynamics in Russia Today: the Natural and the Artificial
Stepanova M. A.
Natural Foundations of Hierarchical Relations in Human Society
    Problems of philosophy of science and education

Khrustalev Y. M.
Triumph of Mankind in Scientific Knowledge and Creative Work
Khudyakova N. L.
Khairulin S. S.
Matsyna A. I.
Polyakova O. O.
Philosophical Marking of the Professionally Important Object in a Complex Interdisciplinary Research
Chernikova I. V.
Ontology and Epistemology of Complexity
Yartsev R. A.
Scientific Research: from a Personal Maxim to the Universal Method

Balanovskaya T. P.
Liturgical Singing of Old Believer Communities of Primorye as a Part of the Singing Culture of Russia
Baldandorzhiev Z. B.
Gorlova I. A.
Novikov A. N.
Cultural and Geographical Features of Transboundary Town Positioning (On the Example of Nerchinsk, Zabaikalsky Krai)
Ulaan Borjigijin
Some Remarks on Gu’s Certified Copy of The Secret History of the Mongols
Get’manenko N. I.
Non-verbal Communication Means: Difficulties of Translation in a Different Cultural Environment
Zhambalova S. G.
Suvorova A. S.
Ritual Funerary Rite Stereotypes of Buryat Shamans
Zasukhina V. N.
Safety of the Person in the Conditions of Modern Civilization
Krayushkina T. V.
Legends of India, China and Japan about Tea as a Part of the Content of Russian-Speaking Internet Resources
Sergeev D. V.
Theoretical Foundations of the Study of Modern Cultural Languages in Post-Industrial Society
Sverdlova N. A.
Pyao Meyshan
Analysis of LinguoculturologicalComponent of State Testing Systems of Russia, Korea, China (Subtest «Reading»)
Razumova L. I.
Methodological Bases of Culturological Researches of Educational Systems
    Theoretical Aspect of Studying Cultures

Baldandorzhiev Z. B.
Eylbart N. V.
Typology and Classification of Small Towns of Eastern Tansbaikalia: Socio-Economic, Cultural and Historical Aspects