Philosophy and Cultural Studies # 3 (31), №3 2012

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Philosophy and Cultural Studies # 3 (31), 2012

Subbotina N. D.
Humanism and Transhumanism
    Problems of Humanism

Kutyrev V. A.
Where to Shift the Humanities Vector?
Grigoryan T. V.
The Stages of Humanism Idea Formation

Bazarov A. A.
Buddhist Systematic Text as an Example of Logic Totality
Gorlachev V. P.
Bernyukevich T. V.
Russian Cosmism as a Cultural Phenomenon
Dneprovskaya I. V.
Rozhkova N. A.
Integrative Image of Law in the Slavophil Conception of Life Knowledge
Arzumanov I. A.
Kamedina L. V.
The Restoration of the Ideational Concept of Russian Culture in F. M. Dostoevsky’s Works
    Problems of Modern Philosophy

Sergeevna A. N.
Language as a Socializing Personality Factor in the Process of Active Dialogue Between Cultures
Gorlachev V. Y.
Ecological and Energetic Aspects of the Quality of Life
Reznik Y. M.
Post-Civil Public Sphere: Concept and Prospects of Formation
Kasianova E. I.
Vinogradova N. I.
New Approaches to the Study of the Category of “Tolerance”
Protasov R. S.
Mantatova L. V.
Hermeneutics of Environmental Ethics
Chernikova I. V.
The Nature of Science and the Criteria of Scientificity
Kilizhekova K. V.
The Structure and Types of Information Channels in Society
    Promlems of Existential Philosophy

Fatenkov A. N.
The Authenticity of the Non-public
Vorobiev D. O.
Passion and Loneliness
    Theoretical Aspect of Studying Cultures

Lyashenko E. S.
Theoretical Approaches to the Study of Web Design as a Language of the Internet Culture
Maltseva M. D.
Philosophical Conceptions of Truth in Sergio Troncoso’s Prose
Razumova L. I.
Culturological Foundations for Research On Comparative Education
Gomboeva M. I.
Dashidorzhieva B. V.
Lacuna in Transborder Interaction
Okorokova V. B.
Uluro Ado’s Poetic World
Mikhalev V. V.
Mechanisms of Light and Color Effect on Man in the Night Club Culture
    History of Culture

Borisova I. Z.
Ethnic Character and Time
Boyak Т. N.
Features of Modern Rural Youth Culture
Voronchenko T. V.
Sokolskykh N. N.
Transformation of Borderlands Culture in the Era of Globalization
Gudina A. V.
Stylistic Features of Folk Icons in Buryatia (19th – Early 20th Centuries)
Dylykova T. D.
About Teaching Classical Languages in Zabalkalye in the Late 19th – Early 20th Centuries
Mikhaleva S. N.
Razumova L. I.
The Dynamic Character of the Socio-cultural Identification Process
Sokolova E. V.
Lobanova O. B.
Value Preferences of Today’s Youth in Russia and Germany
Chzhen I. A.
Traditional Instrumental Music of China and Mongolia in the Context of Diffusion Processes
Zhambalova S. G.
On the Specificity of Contemporary Rural Buryat Intelligentsia
Han Bing
Transformation of Chinese Painting Cultural Functions in the 20th and Early 21st Centuries: A Comparative Analysis
Shushkova O. M.
On Emancipation of Instrumental Music in the 18th Century Music Aesthetics: From the History of Music Theory