Series History and Political Science # 2 (30), №2 2012

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Series History and Political Science # 2 (30), 2012

Komleva N. A.
Transhumanism and “Humanitaria” as a Threat to Human Rights
    HISTORY. Archeology

Vereschagin S. B.
Investigation of the Ancient Dwellings in Zabaikalye on the Late Pleistocene Gravel
Konstantinov M. V.
Konstantinova T. A.
Gerard Miller: for the Sake of Ancient History Studies
Razgildeeva I. I.
Paleolithic Complexes of West Zabaikalye: the Development of the Planigraphic Analysis
Moroz A. Y.
A Brief Historical Review of the Studies Devoted to the Stone Age Osteological Materials
Nesterenko V. V.
Archeological Research by G. P. Sergeev in the Trans-Baikal Region
Dyatchina N. G.
The Description of Bone and Horn Articles Found at Priargun Sites of Late Neolith – Early Bronze
Dashilkhamaev D. M.
Deer Stones and Sentry Stones in the Trans-Baikal Region
Nomokonov A. A.
The Burial of the Warrior from the Trans-Baikal Forest-Steppe of the Mongolian Age
    History of Transbaikalia

Tsybenov B. D.
To the Studies of Daurs’ Family and Marriage
Maleev N. B.
Agricultural Development of Predbaikalia: Idinsky Fort
Mamkina I. N.
Female High Schools in the Trans-Baikal Region (based on the archive documents from Trans-Baikal and Irkutsk regions)
Kuras L. V.
West Trans-Baikal at the Beginning of the 20th century: Struggle for the Land
Khutashkeeva S. D.
Basaev G. D.
The Cooperative Movement in the Western Trans-Baikal Before and During World War I
Drobotushenko E. V.
Anti-religious Activities of the Trans-Baikal Authorities in the Late 1920s - the First Half of the 1930s
Semyonova N. A.
The Development of the Chita Division of the Soviet Artists Association (1945–1964)
    History of development of Russia

Dameshek I. L.
Dameshek L. M.
Russia and Siberia: Siberia in the Social and Economic Development of the Russian Empire
Elantseva O. P.
“Absolutely new institution and unexplored undertaking”: on Establishing Vladivostok Oriental Institute
Alekseeva E. K.
Transformations in the Traditional Food of the Tungus-speaking Ethnoses in Yakutia
Malaskhanova I. A.
M. N. Hangalov\'s Cooperation with Scholars of the East Siberian Branch of the Russian Geographic Society

Namsaraeva S. B.
Dilemmas of the Qing Migration Policy in Frontier Hulun-Buir: Case Study of the Muslim Taranchi–Uyghurs’ Replacement
Ayusheeva M. V.
About Some Archival Documents on History of the Buryat Buddhism in the XIX century
Zhalsanova B. C.
Documents of Non-Russian Municipality, Kin Administration in the State Archives of Buryatia as Sources of the Tungus History in the 19th and early 20th cc.
Tsypilova , ; S. S.
Women’s Constitutional Rights in Socialist and Contemporary Mongolia
Shoindonova M. B.
Training Personnel for Agriculture in Buryat-Mongolia in 1920–1930
Boronova M. M.
The National Intelligentsia and the Struggle for Buryat Autonomy in the Russian State
Palkhaeva E. N.
Zhukova N. E.
Buryat Autonomy: the Evolution of Ideas and Assessment in the Historical Literature
Dorzheeva V. V.
The State Archives of Magadan Region about Changing the Status of Native Minorities of the USSR North-East (1930–1953)
Bazarzhapov V. B.
Olzoeva N. V.
Development of Agriculture and Forage Reserve in Collective Buryat-Mongolian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in the Postwar Years (1945–1953)
Gelman V. A.
Social Changes of the Buryat Population’s Position under the Transformation Conditions
Mitupov K. B.
Gorkovenko O. N.
Change of the Demographic Situation in Buryatiya, under the Conditions of the Society Transformation (late XX - early XXI cc.)

Mishin A. V.
Yugoslavia Against Germany during the King Alexander’s Dictatorship
Alexandrova L. P.
Political Parties: History and Documents
Burova Y. E.
Functional Characteristics of a Modern Press Service
Vinogradova S. M.
Mel’nik G. S.
Challenges to Overcome Inequalities in the International Information Exchange
Gierula M. N.
Political System and Mass Media System in Poland: Reciprocal Dependence
Degtyareva O. V.
Pre-Election Discourse of the Ukrainian Mass Media: Political Strategies of the Media Concern “StarLightMedia” (the example of the newspaper “Facts and Comments”)
Metyakubov A. D.
Uzbekistan Information Policy in the Telecommunications Development