Philology, Oriental Studies Part 11, №3 2016

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Philology, Oriental Studies Part 11 № 3\\2016

Antsiferova N. B.
Vertical Metaphorization and Occasional Word Usage: Markers of Individual Style (the Case of the Memoir Story “On the Siberian Roads” by B. Akhmadulina)
Ignatovich T. Y.
Discourse Studies of Transbaikal Russian Folk Speaking: Opportunities and Prospects
Intertextuality of Modern Chelyabinsk Poetry
Fedorova E. V.
Visual Poetics of the Novel Petersburg by A. Bely
Khakimova E. M.
Textual Norm as an Orthological Type

Abdyramanova A. S.
Problems of Development of the Historical Novel in the Kyrgyz Literature
Akynbekova A. U.
Common Phonetic Characteristics of the Vowel Systems of the Modern Kyrgyz and Chagatai Languages
Antropova N. A.
On Gender-Correct Use of the German Language
Iskakova B. D.
Karipzhanova G. T.
Semantic Groups of Verbs in M. Kashgari’s Work Dīwānu l-Luġat al-Turk

Zavarzina G. A.
The Concept of “Social Administration” and the Features of its Development in the Conceptual Sphere of the New Russian State Administration
Kapenova Z. Z.
Structure of Stellar Concepts: Signs and Cognitive Models
Kolesov V. V.
The Concepts оf Mind (Um), Reason (Rassudok), Intellect (Razum) and Wisdom (Mudrost’) in the Conceptual Field of Russian Conscience
Chonmurunova N. Z.
Representation of the Good and Evil Concepts in Ch. T. Aitmatov’s Works (Based on the Novel Plakha)

Aliyarova L. M.
Makhazhanova L. M.
Semantic Structure of Quantity Category
Efremov N. N.
The Relationship of Conditionality in the Yakut Language: Goal Constructions
Karipzhanova G. T.
Abikenov M. T.
Script, Frame, Scheme in a Literary Text
Zhao Xiaobing
On the Issue about the Order of Words in Russian and Chinese: Transformations in Translation
Simatova S. A.
Naumenko S. V.
The Problem of 情态, 语气 and 口气 Categories Differentiation in Modern Chinese

Erofeeva I. V.
Markers of Russian Culture in Modern Media Text
Misonzhnikov B. Y.
Concept Sphere of Corporate Press in German Universities as a Subject of Media Discourse Formation
Teplyashina A. N.
Speech Genre of Personal History in the Context of an Entertainment Magazine
Dmitrenko E. L.
Shestyorkina L. P.
Specificity of Media Texts of Socially Significant TV Project in the Context of Cultural and Educational Function of Television

Ayusheeva M. V.
Private Archive of I. N. Madason (1911–1984)
Badmaeva L. B.
The Verbal Participle Forms in the Language of the Buryat Chronicles
Bazarov A. A.
Literature of Dbu Ma (Madhyamaka) in the Buddhist Monastic Education of Buryatia
Lamozhapova I. A.
Typology of Onomastic Values and Semantics of Personal Names in the Mongolian Languages
Sundueva E. V.
Semantic Sphere of Love in the Mongolian Languages

Akmatova A. B.
Akmatov B. M.
Learning Paradigm Reflection Based on Competences in Literature Textbooks
Akhmetova M. N.
Language as a Deep, Intelligent Dialogue of the Person with the World: Technological Searches of a Problem Solution
Kokhanova L. A.
Oral-Written Format of Publications on Environmental Issues (Based on Training and Research Projects)

Derbisheva Z. K.
Pimenova M. V.
The ХVIIIth Summer Scientific School “Cognitive Linguistics and Conceptual Research” (June 17–25, 2015, Bishkek)
Sergeeva V. A.
Gorkovenko A. E.
Romanov I. А.
Novikova A. Y.
The Results of the Year of Literature in Transbaikal Territory