Article name Humanitarian Vector. Vol. 17, № 4
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DOI 10.21209/1996-7853-2022-17-4
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Annotation The editorial policy of the journal focuses on the studies which examine the values of modern society – new and traditional, significant not only for the individual and specific society of different regions but also for the world culture as a whole in the face of challenges and threats of the technological revolution, crisis of cultures and their value foundations in the information age. The thematic issue deals with the problem of the future of humanity: would it continue developing along the path of humanization or move to a transhumanistic vector of development. Can cultural and historical values objectified in history, literature, and language resist digitalization destruction? Materials are addressed to the wide scientific community, university lecturers, students, workers in culture and education, everyone who is concerned about humanism in its original and fundamental status, the problem of preserving the cultural diversity of society, and everyone who is interested in the mental picture of the world, sign realities of different societies.
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Full articleHumanitarian Vector. Vol. 17, № 4