Article name The Media Image of the Transbaikal Region as a Tool of National Identification
Authors Prostakishina N.V. special correspondent,
Bibliographic description Prostakishina N. V. The Media Image of the Transbaikal Region as a Tool of National Identification // Humanitarian Vector. 2023. Vol. 18, no. 3. P. 90–100. DOI: 10.21209/1996-7853-2023-18-2-90-100.
UDK 070.1; 304.4
DOI 10.21209/1996-7853-2023-18-3-90-100
Article type Original article
Annotation The urgency of the declared research question is stipulated by the growing media image role in the audience’s vision shaping about current reality and influence of the person’s identifying process with the Russian multiethnic community. The purpose of the study is to identify and characterize the axiological components of the Transbaikal Territory media image contributing to the national identification. The object of the study is the media image of the Transbaikal Territory, where representatives of more than 100 ethnic groups live. Values are the dominant constructs of the territory media image; the article reveals their significance in the system of national identification formation. The characteristics of the basic concepts \"media image\" and \"identification\" are given within the framework of the linguoculturological approach. The interdependence of these categories is revealed through factorial and cognitive analysis. The role of regional journalists in achieving the goals of the State National Security Strategy of Russia is shown. The conclusions of the study are based on the results of a sociological survey on the topic \"The Media Image of the Transbaikal Territory\" conducted from May 2021 to December 2022, in which 1039 residents of the region aged 16 to 68 years and older took part. The conducted discourse analysis of more than 500 journalistic materials reveals the correlation between the media image modelling and the national identification process. The results of the study demonstrate that the method of \"personalization\" is turning to the most important and demanded method in the information field, we note the growing need of the inhabitants of the Transbaikal Territory for journalistic materials, relaying the original values of the region. Obviously, against the background of social and cultural world community trends, it is necessary to organize the work of journalists more carefully. The article presents recommendations on the choice of constructs for the modelling of the territory image aimed to national identification, including the dominant spiritual and moral cultural, historical and material values.
Key words media image, national identification, identity, Transbaikal Territory, values, historical memory
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