Article name An Open Model of Cultural Dialogue in the Context of Safe Social Interaction
Authors Zeynalov H.G. Doctor of Philosophy, Professor,,
Vinogradova I.B. Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor,
Shulugina G.A. Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor,
Abdullaev A.Z. Doctor of Philosophy, Professor,
Eliseev M.A. Postgraduate Student,
Bibliographic description Zeynalov H. G., Vinogradova I. B., Shulugina G. A., Abdullaev A. Z., Eliseev M. A. An Open Model of Cultural Dialogue in the Context of Safe Social Interaction // Humanitarian Vector. 2024. Vol. 19, no. 1. P. 132–141. DOI: 10.21209/1996-7853-2024-19-1-132-141.
Section Humanistic Trends in the Development of Society
UDK 008(045)
DOI 10.21209/1996-7853-2024-19-1-132-141
Article type Original article
Annotation Within the framework of the systemic crisis of sociocultural life of modern society, the problem of dialogue of cultures in the aspect of its safe implementation for interacting subjects has a particular significance. The article is devoted to the problem of ensuring systemic security of the interaction of cultures, the preservation of individual cultural elements and the survival of the entire system. The problem of the research is to discover the contradiction between the process of interaction of cultures and the need to ensure their general security and survival as an integrity in the conditions of maintaining the system of interaction and co-existence of cultures. The purpose of the article is to study models of dialogue between cultures in the history of European civilization and to identify the form that meets the challenges of our time in the conditions of the formation of a new world order. The research was based on the cultural-historical method and the method of theoretical modeling. The theoretical source of the research is primarily Russian philosophy of the second half of the twentieth century, in particular the philosophy of dialogue by M. M. Bakhtin, V. S. Bibler and others. In the course of analyzing the history of European civilization, the authors identified three models of dialogue between cultures in the context of ensuring the safe existence of society: 1. The ancient “separation” model; 2. Classical unification model of the New Age; 3. Modern open dialogue model. The authors come to the conclusion that it is necessary to form an open model of dialogue between cultures, which is proposed as a model for the safety of social interaction. It is characterized by fundamental openness, incompleteness of dialogue, as co-existence in borderline, limit states, at points of contact and interaction of dialogizing subjects. The prospects of the study are aimed at revising the basic characteristics and postulates of modern culture in order to determine the constitutive role of dialogue in the formation of a new (mixed) reality and the mechanism of its functioning.
Key words dialogue of cultures, safe social interaction, open model of dialogue of cultures, M. M. Bakhtin,East and West, multiculturalism
Article information
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